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How To Delete Janitor AI Account?

Janitor AI is an AI-powered chatbot that understands and responds to user queries. It can act as a digital assistant in various domains. 

This AI features various genres of characters such as anime, SFW, NSFW, celebrity and more. Moreover, it lets the user customize their character.

Janitor AI is an unreliable system that hackers have compromised several times. It poses a serious risk of data leakage, corruption, and manipulation. Fortunately, with a few steps, you can delete the account.

Let’s study why people want to delete the Janitor AI account and how to delete it.

Why Delete Janitor AI Account?

Janitor AI is a chatbot that allows users to create and interact with various characters and scenarios using artificial intelligence.

Additionally, Janitor AI offers users the option to access NSFW characters.

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work and refers to inappropriate, offensive, or explicit content for a professional or public setting.

Moreover, this content includes nudity, violence, gore, profanity, sexual themes, or other sensitive topics.

By allowing this, the chatbot provides a certain level of flexibility and customization in content.

Additionally, it allows individuals to access a broader range of content without being restricted or censored based on adult or explicit material classifications.

janitor AI
Janitor AI page

Impacts Of Janitor AI NSFW On Users

NSFW content may not be suitable for everyone, and it may have some risks or consequences.

Some possible impacts of NSFW content are:

  • It may violate some platforms or websites’ terms of service or community guidelines.
  • Similarly, it may expose users to malware, viruses, phishing, or other cyber threats.
  • Furthermore, it may affect some users’ mental health, self-esteem, or relationships.
  • Consequently, it may be illegal, unethical, or harmful to some groups or individuals.

Therefore, users should imply caution and control when accessing or engaging with NSFW content.

Generally, users should also respect the preferences and boundaries of others and avoid forcing or imposing NSFW content on anyone who does not consent or appreciate it.

Janitor AI NSFW
Janitor AI NSFW is not safe for every user.

Other Reasons To Delete Janitor AI

Here are other reasons why people want to delete the Janitor AI account.

Janitor AI Is Not Working

Some users have reported experiencing issues with the Janitor AI website or tool, such as server problems, maintenance or updates, or network problems.

Hence, these issues can prevent users from adequately accessing or using Janitor AI and may frustrate them enough to delete it.

Janitor AI Privacy

Some users are concerned about their data’s privacy, security, and conversations with Janitor AI.

That’s why they may worry that their personal information, preferences, or messages may be collected, stored, or shared by Janitor AI without their consent or knowledge.

Moreover, they may also fear that malicious actors may hack, leak, or expose their chats.

Therefore, these users may want to delete Janitor AI to protect their privacy and avoid potential risks.

Janitor AI Paywall

Similarly, users criticize Janitor AI for having a paywall requiring them to pay before chatting with bots.

Somehow, users may feel it is unfair or unnecessary and prefer to use other free alternatives instead of paying for Janitor AI.

Continue reading to discover the Janitor AI token limit and its billing structure.

How To Delete Janitor AI Account?

If you want to delete the Janitor AI account, it is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Janitor.AI site.
  2. Next, navigate to the profile option on the top right of the page, and click on it.
Click on profile
Click on profile
  1. You’ll see a new window; scroll down, see Delete Profile, and click on it. These steps delete your Janitor AI account.
delete profile
Delete profile

The Bottom Line

By deleting the janitor AI account, we can prevent further damage and switch to a more advanced and trustworthy system that can protect our data better.

Therefore, deleting the janitor AI account is wise and beneficial for our organization.

Continue reading to learn how to fix the Janitor AI access terminated error and why Janitor AI is not showing characters.
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