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Janitor AI Not Showing Characters – 6 Easy Fixes

Artificial intelligence algorithms support Janitor AI, a chatbot with the facilities for seamless communication.

One should register an account on the official website of Janitor AI to use it online or merge it into their projects as an API.

Characters not showing in Janitor AI due to technical issues such as network issues, server down, etc. Fortunately, these issues can be solved, and the chat with the characters can be relished.

Let’s discuss what happened to Janitor AI and why it is not working.

Why Are Characters Not Showing In Janitor AI?

Recently, users of Janitor AI have been complaining about the problems arising on the site. Some of the complaints are listed below:

  • Whenever you try logging into the site, something wrong pops up.
  • Users are unexpectedly logged out of the site.
  • You see the Cloudflare error.
Janitor AI provides many characters to chat with.

Moreover, this article section describes why the characters are deleted in Janitor AI.

1. Network Issues

In general, poor internet connection or unstable connectivity leads to network issues.

Moreover, factors such as wrong configurations, packet loss and use of heavy bandwidth also lead to network errors.

These issues directly hamper the loading of the characters on Janitor AI.

2. Server Issues

Similarly, the Janitor AI may be undergoing server problems and maintenance, leading to the site malfunctioning.

As a result, this issue sometimes turns off accessibility temporarily. Moreover, the platform responds lately and induces the website to go offline.

This also leads to the deletion of characters in Janitor AI.

3. Compatibility Issues

A compatibility issue between the web browser version and the version of Janitor AI may affect its performance.

Therefore, it may create a scenario where the user assumes the deletion of characters in Janitor AI.

4. Device Problem

Although the issue on the device you use also hampers the functionality of Janitor AI, there’s also a possibility that the device is restricting you from accessing the site. 

Additionally, if your device’s processor overloads, it cannot operate the task efficiently.

How To Fix Janitor AI Not Showing Characters?

The issues mentioned above annoy the user of the Janitor AI. However, the fixes below will help you solve these issues.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Once you have a stable internet connection, it becomes easy for you to run the site of Janitor AI.

Connect to a stable internet and ensure there’s no disturbance in the connection.

Try restarting your router or modem; sometimes, it helps fix the internet issues.

Moreover, the characters in your platform start loading, and you can enjoy the chat with the characters.

2. Check The Server Status

The Janitor AI’s server goes down when there’s high traffic.

Check the status of Janitor AI servers and follow official updates if there is a known issue.

You can simply wait for some time and try reloading the site.

Moreover, you can use the Downdetector to check if its server is down.

Downdetector helps you check the server status of the Janitor AI.

3. Clear The Browser Cache

Generally, clearing your browser cache helps to load the site. 

As the cache stores temporary files and data, it corrupts the or leads to the error on the site you’re trying to load.

Moreover, try using a different browser or a different network.

Navigate to the ellipsis button> More Tools> Clear Browing Data.

Clear browsing data
Clearing the browsing data aids in loading characters in Janitor AI.

This helps you load the site efficiently with the characters in Janitor AI.

Continue reading to explore the steps to set up Janitor AI Reverse Proxy and the ways to sign up for Janitor AI.

4. Update The Browser

It is essential to update the browser you’re using. If you are using the outdated version, it hampers you from accessing new features.

  1. Navigate to the ellipsis button > Help> About Google Chrome.
  2. Next, check if the browser is up to date; if not, click update.
Check for updates chrome
Updating the browser lets you relish the advanced features.

5. Janitor AI’s Discord 

Importantly, if you join the group of Janitor AI on the Dsicord, you can see various discussions that help you fix related issues.

Moreover, you can try mentioning your issues over the group, and other members will help you solve the problems.

6. Firewall Setting

Remember to check out your firewall settings, as sometimes your device’s firewall restricts you from accessing sites.

Moreover, review the firewall settings to check if Janitor is blocked. You can add exceptions or allowlist Janitor AI to allow access.

Moreover, users can try contacting the support team or visiting the official subreddit for more information and assistance.

The Bottom Line

Janitor AI is a popular AI chatbot platform that allows users to create and interact with various characters.

Users can back up their data regularly and follow the platform’s guidelines to retain their characters.

However, Janitor AI emphasizes improving its service and fixing any bugs.

Continue reading to discover if the Janitor AI is free and how to fix Janitor AI not working issue.
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