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Janitor AI Unauthorized Prompt: An Analysis Of The Causes

Janitor AI unauthorized prompt is due to an issue with their ongoing Beta testing phase.

But users can expect this Beta phase to end within the next few weeks or maybe a month or two.

Janitor AI unauthorized prompt is due to the testing phase of Janitor LLM. The new system is similar to Kobold AI and OpenAI but through the developers of Janitor AI. Thus, users can face the “unauthorized” prompt because they cannot access the new Janitor LLM.

This article discusses the Janitor AI’s unauthorized prompt reasons and fixes.

What Is Janitor AI Unauthorized Prompt?

The Janitor AI unauthorized prompt is a message that users will come across when using Janitor AI.

The prompt will not allow the users to interact with the Janitor LLM AI that it provides.

This means the users have to either switch to Kobold AI or pay for OpenAI.

However, this is a temporary prompt that the users will be facing for a while.

Furthermore, this prompt also stops the users from accessing the bots.

Thus, if you come across this issue, you must wait until the developers look into it themselves.

Additionally, this issue is more prominent in new users than in old.

Thus, the reason for this prompt may link itself to the creation date of the users.

If you do come across this prompt, you may want to change into either Kobold AI or OpenAI if you are in a hurry to interact with the chatbots.

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Reasons For Janitor AI Unauthorized Prompt

There is only one reason for the Janitor AI unauthorized prompt.

The reason is that the new Janitor LLM is not accessible by accounts whose creation dates are after October 1, 2023.

This is mainly because the LLM is in the Beta phase, and the developers do not want to overload the servers.

Furthermore, the new system is in the development phase because the developers want to provide the users with the best features possible for free.

According to the developers, this will take quite some time, and they will update the users about it gradually.

Users also claim that the developers are providing access to the Beta features in waves.

This means new users can gain access to the Janitor AI LLM in the later stages of the Beta access wave. 

janitor AI chatbot unauthorized
Janitor AI contains various chatbots to roleplay with.

Users also speculate that the developers carry out the Beta phase access wave once a month.

However, we do not know how accurate this information is.

But, if you are one of the older users of Janitor AI, this unauthorized prompt will most likely not show up for you.

Thus, it is better to try using the AI chatbot and check whether you get the prompt.

The Bottom Line

The unauthorized prompt is a recent development for Janitor AI and marks the advancement of the chatbot.

However, we can be sure that certain ease of access features will be behind paywalls.

Thus, it is better to wait and see how Janitor AI progresses in the next few months before diving into it again.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the unauthorized prompt in Janitor AI.

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