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The Hushed Saint Weakness: How To Defeat Him?

The Hushed Saint is one of the toughest bosses in Lords of the Fallen, mounted on a horse in Knight armor.

You can find this boss in the Hamllet section of the Forsaken Fen. 

In Lords of the Fallen, Hushed Saint is a colossal boss who has some weakness that players can use against him in combat. The major Hushed Saint weakness is the blue sperm.

In this article, we will learn about the Hushed Saint weakness and how to beat him. 

The Hushed Saint Boss: Weakness

The Hushed Saint is a giant boss figure in Lord of the Fallen that comes mounted on a horse.

He is a tall, imposing figure, clad in black armor, and wields a massive Halberd for combat.

The Saint boss can jump from the mounted horse to the ground quickly, giving more mobility from his weapons.

Further, he is a challenging boss to fight but has some weakness that helps players defeat him in the game.

Hushed Saint boss mounted on a horse in Lords of the Fallen.
Hushed Saint Boss mounted on a horse in Lords of the Fallen.

He is weak against the blue sperm, also known as Umbral parasites found in the Umbral. It helps to stagger him when you hit enough.

Further, this will cause a huge light blow to rise from the ground, knocking the boss off from the horse.

Players can also use the parrying technique that deals massive damage to the Hushed Saint.

The Hushed Saint boss is also weak against the sources of holy damage.

How To Defeat Hushed Saint In Lords Of The Fallen?

He is one of the toughest bosses in the game. Players need to tackle him at the end of the Forsaken Fen to get access to the first of five beacons.

Players need to be careful about his devastating forward-thrust attack. It can take your health in one fell swoop.

You can defeat him using the blue sperms that are found in the Umbral Realm

Sperm is a powerful weapon in Lords of the Fallen; not just the creator of new life, it can end life too in this game. 

When you explode them, it will knock him off the horse. Similarly, you can also use them to stagger him when he’s on the foot.

You can use the umbral lamp to locate one of the blue sperms and stay close to it.

Locating the blue sperm using the lamp.
Locating the blue sperm using the lamp.

Then, when the boss shows up you can explode the sperm all over him. It will knock him off the horse and leave him open to a few hits. 

This technique can be used during the whole fight i.e. finding the sperm and staying next to it. Whether he’s on foot or horseback, you can use this to your advantage.

Fighting hushed saint and exploding him using the sperm.
Fighting hushed saint and exploding him using the sperm.

His attacks are quite easy to telegraph, so you can dodge around them and get in a few hits yourself before he swings again.

After taking some damage, you’ll always head back into the ground. You can use that time to find the next sperm.

Searching for the sperm in between dodging with Hushed Saint weakness.
Searching for the sperm in between dodging with Hushed Saint.

Additionally, you can also use the weapon buffs and other items while he’s on the ground.

As long as you use the sperm regularly, you can defeat the boss quickly.

Also, you should avoid the tramp attack under his hooves, especially if you are a melee player. 

Similarly, you should be prepared to dodge out of the way when he throws his spear using the penchant.

Further, his spear has an extraordinary reach, so you should stick close to him and parry his swings.

Moreover, rolling over to dodge his attack and attacking him when you get the chance helps you to defeat this boss easily.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Hushed Saint’s weakness lies in the blue sperm, using which you can defeat him in the game.

When you defeat him, it will drop a powerful weapon and armor set.

Players can receive Shield of the Hushed Saint and Halberd in exchange for umbral scouring and remembrance items after defeating him.

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