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Explore About Juno Probe In Starfield

Juno Probe is an AI robot that has had a bad reputation recently in Starfield.

The non-playable characters on the ship are worried about the effects of Juno.

And the players are in a dilemma of whether to save Juno.

Juno Probe is an AI robot in Starfield. She is part of Juno’s Gambit side quest, where you can kill or save her. In addition, you will also have a third choice to save all members of the mysterious ship and gain more credits.

Continue reading to explore all the options of saving or killing Juno Probe in Starfield.

What Is Juno Probe In Starfield?

Juno Probe is an artificial intelligence robot of Starfield.

In real life, Juno is a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter supported by NASA.

Additionally, Juno Probe is in a mysterious ship roaming around the Galaxy.

Juno Probe AI Starfield
Juno Probe, the Artificial Intelligence robot of Starfield.

Many players have found this ship in different parts of the galaxy.

However, you can mostly find the ship in the Tau Ceti system west of the Alpha Centauri system.

When you first meet Juno Probe, it has earned a bad reputation for killing a scientist.

Moreover, Juno requests you not to change it upon interaction with the robot.

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The Juno’s Gambit Quest

Juno’s Gambit Quest is a side quest in Starfield.

Players have expressed their deep satisfaction with this popular side quest.

In addition, many players believe this quest is much more engaging than any other one.

To start the quest, you must find the mysterious ship in the Tau Ceti system.

Then, you have to attack and defeat the shop to be able to board the ship.

As soon as you board the ship, you can hear voices in the background.

Ryujin Operatives
You will meet two Ryujin Operatives, with Juno planning to kill her in the quest.

When you follow the voice, you’ll see two Ryujin operatives interacting.

You will observe Juno, the killed scientist, and the Ryujin Operatives here.

Ryujin Operatives clearly warns you to kill Juno or else they will kill you.

Furthermore, Juno also requests you not to change her and that she is finally free.

So you have two choices for this quest.

However, if you’re part of the Ryujin Industries, you will also have a third choice.

Here are the possible outcomes of the Juno’s Gambit quest in Starfield.

1. Killing Juno Probe

If you decide to kill Juno Probe, you can install the Motherboard on the computer.

Installing this AI Mother Board fries IP the circuits of Juno.

She will shut down to save herself, but it’s too late, and she will die in no time.

Now, you can leave the ship having completed your work.

Juno Probe Request Starfield
Juno Probe requests the player not to change her.

However, as Ryujin Operatives undock their ship to leave, Juno reactivates.

She expresses anger even though she is a machine and cuts the ship’s oxygen supply.

Furthermore, she says goodbye to you and leaves the ship.

As a result, you will be rewarded 3,500 credits for completing this quest by killing Juno.

2. Saving Juno Probe

To save the Juno probe, you must kill the two Ryujin Operatives.

Killing these two Ryujin operatives is not difficult.

In addition, Juno will be thankful that you saved her.

Juno's Origin Story
Juno Prob’s origin Story

She will also ask your opinion on what she can do now that she is safe.

Regardless of your answer, she will leave the ship by thanking you.

Additionally, you will gain a reward of 2,000 credits for saving Juno.

So, clearly, being the bad guy and killing Juno is more beneficial.

However, players online tend to think otherwise.

3. Saving All Characters

You can also have a third option, but only if you are a member of the Ryujin Industries.

Go to Neon and become a member of Ryujin Industries to have this option.

Doing this will make you viable for saving all characters and gain benefits, too.

Interact with the Ryujin Operatives and persuade them to free Juno.

You just have to select dialogues with [Ryujin Industries].

Persuade Ryujin Operatives
The Ryujin Operatives will accept your request if you are a member of Ryujin Industries.

In addition, the Ryujin Operatives member will be safe, and Juno will also be thankful for saving her.

Furthermore, you will also gain a reward of 7,100 credits by using this option.

So, this is the best result you can get from this side quest.

The Bottom Line

Juno is part of Juno’s Gambit side quest, which is very popular in Starfield.

You have two main options in this quest: killing Juno Probe or saving her.

However, if you’re part of Ryujin Industries, you have a third option to save all members.

Moreover, the third option provides much more credits and is viable.

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