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Blast Zone Bug In Starfield: Possible Fixes

The Blast Zone in Starfield is a location in the Akila City system.

It is now an abandoned region destroyed by a terrible explosion many years ago.

The Blast zone bug in Starfield is a visual error that might appear in the game. It prevents players from fulfilling the basic and essential tasks of the mission.

This article discusses the blast zone, including the blast zone bug in Starfield.

What Is Blast Zone In Starfield?

The Blast Zone is an abandoned place and a side mission in Starfield. 

The mission aims to assist Mr. Tate, a landowner in the Akila City of Cheyenne system, in utilizing a Cutter to remove some boulders from his property.

Additionally, the Cutter device uses a laser beam to vaporize materials and rocks.

The only prize is the minerals you gather and the Cutter you keep, so the mission is straightforward.

As your map indicates, this mission will begin by talking to Mr. Tate at his farm.

He’ll want you to use his Cutter to blast some boulders out of the way so he can clear them from his irrigation system.

Moreover, he will hand you the Cutter and point out the locations of the rocks. You can use the Cutter by donning it and aiming at the rocks.

You can use it to mine any minerals you find along the way.

The mission ends when you come back to Mr. Tate, and please let me know your progress.

He will thank you and let you keep the Cutter as a reward.

So, the Blast Zone Starfield is a side mission that lets you test out the Cutter, a valuable tool for mining and destroying rocks.

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What Is Blast Zone Bug In Starfield?

Some Starfield players have frequently run into the Blast Zone bug when completing the mission in Akila.

To complete the assignment, the player must remove six hard rocks impeding the building of new homes using a Cutter tool.

However, some gamers have complained that the Cutter does not operate on the rocks or that they do not appear at all.

blast zone bug
Players are showing their concern regarding the blast zone bug.

Blast zone bug prevents the player from completing the Blast Zone mission, one of the main quests in Akila.

This means that the player cannot progress further in the story and explore new areas of the planet.

Moreover, due to this bug, the player cannot finish the assignment and earn the reward of 50 XP and a few credits.

Additionally, it may cause frustration and disappointment for the player, who spent much time and effort reaching the location.

Possible Solutions To The Blast Zone Bug

Depending on the platform and game version, this bug has many fixes.

If you enter the console with the tilde key on your PC, you can bypass the quest stage using the console command setstage 0003DC10 300.

However, accessing the console will deactivate accomplishments.

Therefore, another choice is to download an achievement enabler mod and save it before running the command.

One solution for Xbox users is to use the Xbox app to install the game on a PC, run the console command there, and then restart playing on Xbox.

Moreover, another approach is to spend some time completing other game tasks and quests before returning to the Blast Zone location to check whether any new rocks have appeared.

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The Bottom Line

Players cannot complete a critical mission in Starfield due to the annoying Blast Zone bug.

This bug has a few potential fixes depending on the game’s platform and version.

Xbox users can cross-play or wait for the rocks to spawn, while PC players can skip the quest section using console instructions or mods.

Therefore, the Blast Zone quest should again be a blast if the developers can quickly address this bug.

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