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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Flash Boss Fight

Fans are curious about what happens in the Flash Boss Fight, as many anticipate the flash kill in Suicide Squad.

The death of the Flash started circulating in the gaming community after some video clips started going viral all over the internet.

Furthermore, many fans are not happy with how such an iconic hero’s death is being portrayed in this game.

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How Do The Flash Boss Fight Begin?

Suicide Squad kills the Justice League Flash boss fight scene begins with a phone call with Hack.

Captain Boomerang calls Hack to ask her to link up Amanda Waller’s phone to every TV screen in Metropolis.

Shortly after that, Captain Boomerang uses Waller’s phone to go live-streaming all over the Metropolis.

Harley Quinn then grabs the phone from Captain Boomerang and gives an open challenge to Flash.

Suicide squad Flash boss fight
Flash enters the arena after Suicide Squad challenges him through a live video-streaming.

Quin mocks Flash about his red suit and tells him she is the one who can pull off that red suit of Flash.

In the meantime, Deadshot also takes the phone and challenges Flash for a rematch in the live video streaming.

King Shark also joins the live video streaming and challenges Flash without a word but just showing his terrifying smile.

Flash The Fastest Superhero

Flash is one of the fastest superheroes alive, and he has the power of Speed Force.

Furthermore, his iconic power is that he uses a cosmic force of time and space.

He can move so fast that he can run around the world in a fraction of a second by transferring momentum into strength.

However, Brainiac has taken control over Flash and the Justice League.

He has taken control of the brain of Flash with his evil powers and manipulated him to work for him.

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Suicide Squad Flash Boss Fight

Boomerang starts mocking Flash stating that he is the loser of the league and not worthy enough to be a superhero.

Captain Boomerang also demeans Flash by not acknowledging him like Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman.

As Boomerang keeps on mocking Flash live on video streaming, Flash hits right at the face of Captain Boomerang.

Suicide sqaud kill flash
Suicide Squad kills Flash by using Lex-anti speed to slow him down and firing decouplers at him.

Flash comes to the arena out of the blue and hits Flash twice in the face without anyone seeing him.

Next, Flash grabs the phone and declares live execution on the live video streaming.

1. Suicide Squad Uses Lex’s Anti-speed Force

When Flash tries to hit Boomerang, some force on Boomerang’s wrist pushes Flash away.

The force on Boomerang’s wrist is Lex’s anti-speed Force doohickey that he wrapped around with duct tape.

The intense battle between Flash and the suicide squad begins and the Flash starts taking control of the fight.

2. Shoots Charged Decoplers At Flash

In the meantime, Toyman advises the suicide squad to use counter shots on Flash to detain his Speed Force.

Toyman also advises the suicide squad to positively charge the decouplers.

If the decouplers run out, Flash can tear the suicide squad with speed force without even touching them.

3. Flash Attaks With Wind Tornado

Due to Lex’s anti-speed Force on the Suicide Squad’s hands, Flash requires more effort to access the Speed Force.

Hence, this makes Flash a little more vulnerable than before.

The battles start getting intense as Flash turns the wind into a tornado and attacks the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad must evade the wind so they can neither fly, run, or jump out of the arena.

However, the suicide squad keeps running from the tornado and keeps on shooting bullets at Flash.

After taking too many bullet shots, Flash starts to lose strength and speed.

Hence, at last, the team surrounds Flash and shoots him continuously, and finally Flash dies at the hands of the Suicide Squad.

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