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How To Escape The Bat Museum In Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad Escape the Bat Museum is a thrilling and challenging mission that sets the Suicide Squad against Batman.

Further, the Suicide Squad team needs to escape from the Museum while fighting against Batman.

The Escape the Bat Museum’s mission objective is to rescue the Flash while all the Suicide Squad escape from the Museum.

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What Is Escape The Bat Museum In Suicide Squad?

Escape the Bat Museum is a mission that takes place in the Bat Museum.

Moreover, the Suicide Squad is sent there by Amanda Waller, the ruthless leader of Task Force X, to rescue the Flash.

Flash is also one of the Justice League members who is being held captive by Batman.

However, things go wrong when the Suicide Squad realizes that Batman is planning to kill the Flash and all the Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad must find a way to escape the Bat Museum while avoiding the traps and obstacles set by Batman.

Escape the Bat Museum
Escape the Bat Museum in Suicide Squad.

Complete Escape The Bat Museum Quest In Suicide Squad

To escape the Bat Museum, you will need to use the skills and abilities of each member of the Suicide Squad.

The four playable characters are:

  1. Harley Quinn is a psychotic and agile fighter who uses a baseball bat, a revolver, and explosive gadgets.
  2. Deadshot is a sharpshooter and assassin who uses a rifle, a wrist-mounted gun, and a jetpack.
  3. Captain Boomerang, is a rogue and prankster who uses boomerangs, a shotgun, and a teleportation device.
  4. King Shark, is a humanoid shark and brute who uses a machine gun, a hammer, and a bite attack.

Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can switch between them at any time during the game.

Similarly, you can also play cooperatively with up to three other players online, or let the AI control the other characters.

Here are some general tips on how to escape the Bat Museum:

1. Find The Clue To Escape

Look for the clues that can be hidden or need to be unlocked using a device to escape from the museum.

You might find useful items, such as weapons, ammo, health packs, and upgrades.

Furthermore, you will also need to find the way out by looking for the clues by using all four Suicide Squad.

2. Avoid Traps And Obstacles

There are many traps and obstacles that Batman has set up throughout the museum.

These traps look like the hologram of a Batman symbol which are found on the ground.

You will encounter lasers, spikes, electric fences, gas chambers, and more.

Moreover, use your gadgets and abilities to avoid or disable them, or find alternative routes.

Traps and obstacles
Avoid traps and obstacles set by Batman.

3. Prepare To Face Batman

Make sure you are prepared and ready to face Batman since he can appear out of nowhere.

He will appear randomly and attack you with his gadgets, and skills.

You will need to dodge, counter, and fight back, using your weapons and abilities.

Similarly, you can also use the environment to your advantage, such as hiding, throwing objects, or triggering traps.

Batman will appear randomly and attack you.

4. Rescue The Flash

He is being held in a secret location in the museum, and you will need to find a way to access it.

You will also need to free him and protect him from Batman’s attacks.

However, when Flash comes to help you from Batman, he gets taken away from there by using a teleport device.

Furthermore, this will transition the mission to escape from the museum.

Flash was taken away by Batman.

6. Escape The Bat Museum

After failing to rescue the Flash, Amanda tells the Suicide Squad to escape from the other exit.

Go to the other exit point which is displayed on the screen with a cross sign that has a black and yellow color.

When you reach there you will encounter a holographic girl who will help you to unlock the exit door.

Holographic girl
A mysterious holographic girl helps to unlock the door.

Once open go to the exit and open the door to the exit by using all the Suicide Squad to pull up.

Finally, when you are outside the mission will be over and Amanda will give you a new mission.

Escape the Bat Museum
Escape the Bat Museum by pulling up the door using all Suicide Squad.
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