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Suicide Squad Rescue The Flash Quest Walkthrough

Suicide Squad Rescue The Flash mission is one of the various missions in the game.

This mission is one of the easiest in the game as players only need to defeat some weak enemies.

Moreover, learning about some tips and the mission objectives can easily help players to complete this mission.

Continue reading this article to learn how to Rescue the Flash in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Objectives Of The Rescue The Flash Mission

Rescuing the Flash is an interesting mission as villains are the ones who must protect the Flash from aliens.

To start this quest, players must allow interaction between the Flash and Green Lantern so they can fight.

Later, the Green Lantern defeats the Flash which births the start of this mission for the Suicide Squad.

locating flash in Suicide Squad
Cutscene after locating the Flash in the “Rescue the Flash” mission.

Initially, the objective of this mission is for players to retrieve the Flash once he is injured.

However, some aliens invade the area, forcing players to defeat them before Flash phases out.

Hence, players must complete both of these objectives and take Flash to a safe location.

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How To Complete Rescue The Flash Mission?

Although this mission is on the easier side, players can get lost on the map during this mission.

Therefore, players must note down the following points to aid them during this mission:

  1. After the Flash is defeated by Green Lantern, he constantly moves before coming to a rest.
  2. Players must use the waypoint on the game to track down Flash on the map.
    tracking flash during rescue the Flash
    Players must use the waypoint to locate Flash in the Suicide Squad game.
  3. Upon finding the correct direction, players must search every rooftop of the house to locate him.
  4. After finding Flash, players must defeat a series of aliens after a short cutscene.
  5. They must defeat every alien in the vicinity to unlock the final cutscene.
  6. Finally, the mission is complete once the game points at a new building to transport Flash.

Tips To Defeat Aliens During Rescue The Flash Mission

During the second phase of the mission, a new type of alien enemy invades the map to steal Flash.

Unlike other enemies, these aliens are very weak, as players can easily kill them with 2 to 3 hits.

However, they are equipped with kinetic shields, meaning that they can neutralize every ranged attack.

Players must use melee attacks to break their shields after locating them on the rooftops.

use melee attacks to break shields during rescue the flash
Melee attacks are the only way to break the alien’s shield during the “Rescue the Flash” mission.

Players must use Harley Quinn’s drone and grapple hook to reach them faster rather than climbing.

In total, players must defeat thirteen to fourteen aliens to progress to the final phase of the mission.

Why Is Rescue The Flash Mission Already Complete?

Many players are reporting that their mission already shows the status as ‘complete’ before playing it.

This issue has enraged the entire community as they waited hours to download and play the game.

However, players can rest easy as it is a known bug in the game that is undergoing maintenance.

deve respond to mission issue in suicide squad
Devs address the ongoing mission issue in Suicide Squad on their X account.

In fact, the devs have taken to the official Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s X account to address this issue.

But players have no option but to play the mission as it is until the devs fix it on the next patch.

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