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Is Kroll Monitoring A Scam? 

Kroll Monitoring is under suspicion of scam; however, the suspicion is not valid.

Thus, users of the company can use their services without any fear in their minds.  

Kroll Monitoring is a protection company that performs risk consulting and investigation. Furthermore, due to the nature of the industry, the company is suspected of performing scams. However, the suspicions are baseless, and the company proves its legibility through its work and clients. 

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What Is Kroll Monitoring? 

Kroll Monitoring is an investigation and risk consulting firm for corporate businesses.

The firm specializes in Monitoring the indications of potential fraud or identity theft. 

Furthermore, Kroll also provides notification and call center services, identity theft restoration and consulting, and credit and identity Monitoring services directly to its customers and clients. 

The firm first debuted in 1972 by the founder Jules Kroll. Thus, the firm has a long-standing history with many reputed companies.

Kroll monitoring landing page
Main landing page for Kroll Monitoring

The firm operates all its businesses from its headquarters in New York City. 

Furthermore, the firm is also a reputed organization worldwide because of its ability to deliver its services. 

However, it is currently in the limelight mainly because of a data breach in the PBI services.

During this data breach, Kroll Monitoring has come forth and provides free 12 months of complementary services to its users. 

The website for the firm averages a total of 78k+ visitors each day, which is enormous for consultation firms. 

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Features Of Kroll Monitoring 

Kroll Monitoring sports a variety of features for the users.

Here are some of their key features that users and clients may like.

1. Identity Theft Protection

The main feature of Kroll Monitoring is its ability to protect the client’s identity from getting stolen.

Furthermore, the company also makes sure to give information about possible issues with your security system for your credentials. 

2. Identity Restoration

On the off chance that your identity gets stolen or compromised.

Kroll Monitoring provides services that allow users to restore their identity. 

Furthermore, the team sports group of experts will guide the clients to retrieve their identities and accounts.

The experts will assist in contacting the creditors, disputing fraudulent transactions and providing legal guidance where necessary. 

3. Credit Monitoring

In addition to theft restoration and protection, Ktoll also provides facilities Monitoring their credit.

The company monitors credit reports from all the major credit bureaus and informs consumers of any changes or inquiries about their accounts. 

These reports allow the users to properly keep track of their credit health, spot errors and even be alert of potential fraudulent activities.

4. Financial Insurance 

In case the clients get their identities stolen and face specific financial loss.

The company will provide the clients with a certain amount of financial compensation by recovering their identities. 

Thus, platform users can benefit from associating themselves with the company. 

However, it is an outcome that users can expect, given the company’s long-standing history.

Users and clients keen on using their services can visit their website at or

Kroll monitoring sign in page
Kroll Monitoring sign-in page for its services

Kroll Monitoring Scam Or Legit

No! Kroll Monitoring is not a scam. The company has a long-standing history of providing its clients with excellent services. 

Furthermore, the company started providing its services in the early 70s and still holds its own in the growing number of firms providing similar services. 

Thus, if potential clients of the company are hesitant to use their services, you can happily put your faith in them. 

Furthermore, users can also browse through the reviews of their services from their website detailing how good their service was. 

Users can also check their works through various media to further legitimize their services in the protection industry against fraudulent activities. 

Furthermore, the company also provides free services to specific users.

The service is specifically for users facing identity theft and other credit issues. 

However, certain firms hire the Monitoring company for consultation and pay a hefty amount of money for their expert views. 

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The Bottom Line

It is expected for users to be cautious of companies that handle money.

However, in the case of Kroll, users do not need to be as cautious. This is mainly because of the company’s long-standing history. 

Users can even check their credibility through various sources, thus making it even more believable that the company is unrelated to any scam. 

Hopefully, this article can dissipate the air of doubt for the service users, mainly those who believe that Kroll Monitoring is a scam.

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