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Sparkon Scam: Reasons Behind The Controversy

Sparkon is facing massive controversy due to possible Scam faced by the users.

The website currently seems reasonably down due to a high number of complaints.

Sparkon Scam is making headlines because the website is down and has failed many security checks. Customers have complained about a lack of encryption, unsecured payment and unrealistic deals on the shopping platform.

Continue Reading to verify if Sparkon’s site is a legit scam or if it is just a hoax spread by the users.

What Is Sparkon?

The Sparkson is a shopping website dedicated to modern customers.

Moreover, the website originated in China and focuses on fashionable Wardrobes, Face gear, and other accessories.

The Prices on the website are pretty cheap for Famous brands, including Rayban.

Moreover, the company hasn’t listed social media platforms or a valid number. 

Further, many customers complained about brokers contacting them secretly.

These reasons sparked serious customer controversy for Sparkon.

What Is Sparkon Scam?

The Sparkon Scam is a possible fraud from the developers of the shopping website.

According to numerous customers, Sparkon’s site is suspicious and unsafe for users.

Here are a few possibilities why Sparkson’s site may be a scam;

1. Insecure Connection

The Sparkon’s website looks unsafe due to an unsecured connection.

The shopping platform doesn’t use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPS) on its website. 

HTTPS ensures all the communication and usage in the website are encrypted.

It adds a layer of security from any possible data breach and scams.

Unfortunately, Sparkon doesn’t guarantee users safe transactions over the internet.

Any website with payments, user credentials, or sensitive data must have a secure connection.

In this case, it is better to avoid the services of these websites that don’t assure user safety.

2. Blocked Website

The Sparkon is currently unavailable, and there can be a few reasons the site is down. 

It can be affected by website maintenance or service upgrades.

Sparkon Scam
Currently unavailable Sparkon Website.

However, the company hadn’t provided any prior notice on its social handles or other platforms.

Moreover, the website could be down due to possible malware and spam as well.

Further, Google might have taken action against less secure shopping websites like these.

3. Suspicious Email Address

Sparkon’s official email address doesn’t contain the company’s domain name.

The company uses free email addresses, i.e., Hotmail, which seems a bit suspicious for online sites. 

This may not be the most significant issue, but it is still a reasonable factor to consider in shopping platforms.

The website’s email address should be named similarly to [email protected] for security reasons.

4. Website Popularity 

Sparkon’s website is popularly ranked among the worst, with more than 15mil in Google rankings. 

Moreover, This platform does not contain any form of web traffic, making the website a bit suspicious.

Even though the website location is secure, i.e., China, there are instances of hosting fake shopping sites.

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Is Sparkon Scam Real?

Sparkon site could be down for various reasons, including possible threats and data breaches.

However, by no means should any customer decide the outcome without knowing the backstory.

According to trusted reviews, the shopping platform is safe from malware or phishing.

Even though the site is down, it has no problems with Google’s browsing system.

Moreover, in SSL and Phishtank sites, the website seems to have SSL verifies and doesn’t contain security issues.

Further, Sparkon’s domain age is over 21 years old and has a spam score of less than 1%.

Sparkon Scam
Check the Website Authority of Sparkon.

For such an old website, there is a low chance of cheating and scams.

In addition, the website has received positive responses from renowned website authorities.

The website engines include Avira, BitDefender, Spam404 and Badbotcoin.

The Bottom Line

The Sparkon website is unavailable for the users as the website is currently down.

Moreover, the reason behind the issue is still unknown.

Many users have complained about security concerns; it may be affected due to data breaches and malware.

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