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The White Mountain Puzzle Scam: Beware Of Fake Sites

White Mountain Puzzles is a Puzzle company that is known for high-quality jigsaw Puzzles.

Recently, people have been reporting scam websites and profiles of this product around the internet.

To recognize the White Mountain Puzzle scam websites or social media profiles, you must look out for warning signs like misspelled company names, lack of contact info, generic photos, and mismatched addresses.

This article will discuss the White Mountain Puzzle scam, so continue reading.

What Are White Mountain Puzzles?

White Mountain Puzzles is a Puzzle company that was founded in 1978 in Jackson, New Hampshire.

They are known for creating very high-quality jigsaw Puzzles out of premium blue chipboards.

They make Puzzles with different numbers of pieces, including 1,000-piece, 550-piece, and 300-piece Puzzles and some floor Puzzles for kids.

Their 1,000-piece Puzzles are considered some of the largest in the industry when completed at 24 inches by 30 inches.

The Puzzles come in various difficulty levels, from beginner Puzzles to very advanced ones.

website white mountain
The official website of the White Mountain Puzzle.

Reviews Around The Internet On White Mountain Puzzles

Here is an extraction of the reviews of customers of White Mountain Puzzles on different websites:

1. Positive Reviews

Many Puzzle enthusiasts leave glowing reviews of White Mountain Puzzles, praising their high quality.

Customers remark that the pieces are cut cleanly and tightly interlocked making the Puzzles durable even when fully assembled.

Reviewers enjoy the variety of images available and find the Puzzles visually appealing and engaging.

The themes are often described as unique and interesting, keeping solvers entertained for hours.

Multiple customers comment that White Mountain Puzzles are some of their best constructed.

Several repeat buyers state the Puzzles are worth the price and last for years of enjoyment.

The large 1,000-piece Puzzles seem to be a favorite for the challenge they provide.

Many reviewers are also satisfied with the customer service and quickly replaced missing pieces under the happiness guarantee.

2. Critical Reviews

While the vast majority of reviews are positive, a small number of customers have left lower ratings.

Some mention receiving Puzzles with missing or incorrect pieces, which is frustrating.

A few said adhesive was worn on older Puzzles causing pieces not to stay together as well.

Isolated complaints involve poor packaging resulting in damaged Puzzles during shipping.

A small percentage felt certain images were too simplistic and lacked detail for advanced Puzzlers.

A few international buyers had issues with long shipping delays or high costs.

On infrequent occasions, customers found the pieces did not interlock as tightly as expected.

Overall, critical reviews of the White Mountain Puzzle seem to be in the minority and the ones obtained from scam websites.

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The White Mountain Puzzle Scam

Unfortunately, scammers have caught on to White Mountain Puzzles’ popularity and created fake websites purporting to sell their products at steep discounts.

However, consumers need to be wary of any site not using White Mountain’s official domain of

scam notice puzzle
A scam alert on the official website of the White Mountain Puzzle.

The scam websites are often designed to look nearly identical to the real thing, changing only minor details to trick people into a false sense of security.

They advertise Puzzles at prices that seem too good to be true, like half off or more.

Moreover, various social media profiles pretend to be the official profiles of the White Mountain Puzzles.

But these deals are just a ploy to steal people’s money without providing any actual Puzzles.

Once credit card or other payment details are entered on the fake sites, scammers immediately use them for fraud.

And of course, no Puzzles ever arrive.

The scammers then shut down the site and disappear, knowing most victims won’t bother reporting such a small individual purchase.

Others have grown more sophisticated, keeping sites up longer to build false trust before the scheme unravels.

With the surge in online shopping, these White Mountain Puzzle scams have proliferated on the internet.

How To Recognize Scam Websites Of The White Mountain Puzzle?

 Here are some of the factors you may consider to know if the website or social media profile you are encountering is spam:

Sure, here are the key points on how to recognize scam profiles:

1. Misspellings And Typos

Watch out for misspelled company names or URLs.

Scammers often create sites with names that are similar to the real ones but with slight variations.

Typos in the web address or company name can be a red flag.

2. Lack Of Contact Information

Legitimate websites always provide clear ways to contact them, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.

Be cautious if you can’t find any contact details or if they seem sketchy.

3. Generic Photos

Scam websites might use stock images or generic photos that don’t show the actual products.

If you can’t see actual pictures of the products, it’s a warning sign.

4. Mismatched Addresses

Check if the given address matches the official headquarters or known locations of the company.

If the address doesn’t match, it’s a strong indicator of a scam.

5. Too Good To Be True Discounts

Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, like massive discounts that are way below the regular price.

Scammers use this tactic to lure in unsuspecting customers.

6. Lack Of HTTPS And Secure Payment Methods

Legitimate websites use HTTPS in their web addresses for secure communication.

Also, look for trusted payment methods at checkout. If the site lacks these security measures, it’s risky.

7. Spammy Ads

If you’ve encountered the website through unsolicited emails or ads that seem overly aggressive, it’s wise to be cautious.

Scammers often use such tactics.

8. No Reviews Or Negative Reviews

If you can’t find any reviews about the website or its products, or if most reviews are negative, it’s a sign that the site might not be genuine.

9. Limited Payment Options

Reputable websites offer various payment options to cater to different preferences.

If the site only accepts unconventional or suspicious payment methods, be careful.

10. No Privacy Policy Or Terms Of Service

Legitimate websites have clear privacy policies and terms of service that explain how they handle your information and transactions.

If these are missing, it’s risky.

The Bottom Line

People really like the White Mountain Puzzles because the pieces fit together great, and the pictures are cool and different.

Most reviews are super positive, discussing how fun and well-made these Puzzles are.

There are a few people who have Puzzles with problems.

Just watch out for fake websites pretending to sell the White Mountain Puzzle for cheap – that is a scam trying to steal money.

Stick to the actual White Mountain Puzzles website to be safe.

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