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What Is Larry And Lawrie Best Star Power In Brawl Stars?

In Brawl Stars, the new throwers Larry and Lawrie come with their best star power to boost the gaming level.

The star power of Larry and Lawry is very strong and it makes them close to invincible.

So, when Larry and Lawrie combine their Super with the star power, their impact can be very strong in the game.

When players team up with Larry and Lawrie in the arena, they can face any challenge and come out on top. 

Continue reading to find out Larry and Lawrie’s best star power in Brawl Stars.

Larry And Lawrie In Brawl Stars

In the vibrant world of Brawl Stars, Larry & Lawrie are the newest throwers who bring excitement and strategic gameplay.

Every Brawler is talking about this dynamic duo as they are full of energy and have special powers.

Larry and Lawrie stand out in Brawl Star as they have special powers called star powers.

The star powers can make a big difference in how well they do in battles.

Larry and Lawrie’s Star Powers are like secret weapons that can turn the tide of battle in their favour.

What Is Larry And Lawrie’s Best Star Power?

Among these star powers, the best star power so far is Protocol Protect which shines brighter than the rest.

Furthermore, Protocol Protect is a total game-changer that makes Larry and Lawrie unbeatable in Brawl Stars.

Protect is a game-changing ability that enhances Larry and Lawrie’s survivability and control on the battlefield.

Larry and Lawrie star power
Larry and Lawrie are the duos who are good at both attack and defense during the fights in Brawl Stars.

In addition, Protect works like a shield that safeguards Larry from harm.

It redirects any damage Larry would receive onto his trusty twin, Lawrie.

1. Uses Lawrie As Larry’s Shield

Imagine Larry and Lawrie as a powerful superhero duo who have Protect as their super-strong armor.

When Larry is within close range of Lawrie then any damage that would hit Larry hits Lawrie instead.

Due to this impressive star power, Larry is close to invincible in Brawl stars.

So, as long as Lawrie is nearby to take the hits, Larry can’t be hurt, making him super tough to beat.

2. Lawrie’s Attack Damage And HP

When Larry uses the Protocol Protect One, Lawrie can take damage up to 6800 HP which makes Larry a very strong thrower.

Furthermore, Larry can throw his twin for not only defense but also for attack.

While Larry’s attack deals 3360 damage on touching enemies two times, Lawrie’s attack deals 1800 damage to the enemies.

So, when Larry uses his Super with the Protect as the star power he gets incredibly strong and formidable.

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Benefits Of Protect In Battle In Brawl Stars

If you are wondering how the star power of Larry and Lawrie benefits in the heat of the battle then the answer is quite straightforward.

For instance, if you are playing a game mode like Hot Zone then it is crucial to hold a certain area to win.

So, when you activate the Protect star power, Larry can stand his ground on the Hot Zone while Lawrie absorbs the damage.

Larry and Lawrie Protect star power
During battles, Larry can deal more attack damage as he can transfer the damage to Lawrie in Brawl Stars.

This allows Larry to capture and hold the zone without fear of being eliminated or getting knocked out.

Hence, this star power can give your team a significant advantage during battles in Brawl Stars.

1. Makes Larry Incredibly Strong

Another fun fact about the Protect Star power is it is not only useful for objective-based game modes.

Thus it is also super helpful in fights against aggressive enemies in Brawl Stars.

If Larry is getting bombarded by close-range attackers in the fight then he can use Lawrie as a shield.

This blocks the damage and lets Larry fight back effectively which turns the table on the enemy.

Moreover, It’s like having a bodyguard who takes the hits for you while you keep attacking.

2. Position Larry And Lawrie In Close-range

Even though Protect is the best and strongest star power of Larry and Lawrie you must consider a few things while using Protect.

One aspect that you should always keep in mind while using the Star Power Protect is the distance between Larry and Lawrie.

This is because if Larry moves too far away from Lawrie the shield will disappear.

Hence, this will make Larry vulnerable to taking hits and can change the pace of battle for you.

So, it is important to position Larry and Lawrie in close range so that they can coordinate to maximize the power of Protect.

Additionally, players must monitor the health of both Larry and Lawrie during the battles.

While Protect helps Larry stay safe from damage, it’s equally important to make sure Lawrie stays healthy enough to take incoming hits.

If Lawrie’s health drops too low, the shield disappears, and Larry becomes vulnerable again.

So, maintaining the health of Lawrie is essential as it helps to keep the protective shield from Protect up and running.

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