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Single Shot Rifle Not Showing Up In Palworld: Is It Bugged?

Players in Palworld are frustrated because the Single Shot Rifle icon is not showing up due to its similarity with the musket.

It is easy to craft a Single shot Rifle in the game using some items such as Polymer and Ignots.

Moreover, players can solve the weapon not showing bug by fulfilling the crafting requirements or updating the game.

Continue reading to learn more about why the Palworld Single Shot Rifle is Not Showing Up.

What Is Single Shot Rifle In Palworld?

The single-shot rifle is great for those seeking more damage output and range to eliminate targets.

Further, its potent impact is offset by the need to reload between shots, significantly reducing its firing rate.

When positioning Pals armed with single-shot rifles for ranch defense, it’s crucial to consider this drawback.

They’re powerful against people and low-level bosses but not great against high-health bosses because they shoot slowly.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a powerful firearm, single-shot rifles are an excellent choice with an attack rating of 1100.

How to Craft Single Shot Rifle In Palworld?

To craft single-shot rifles, players must have gathered 5 pieces of polymer and 20 refined ingots per rifle.

You can unlock the Single-shot Rifle and its ammo when you reach Level 36.

But be careful, the tech tree icon for the rifle might look different than the actual one.

Look for an old, western-style, lever-action rifle icon in the Production Assembly Line II section.

To make Refined Ingots, melt Ore and Coal (not Charcoal) in an Improved Furnace.

Crafting a single-shot rifle
Crafting a single-shot rifle after obtaining 20 Refined Ingots and 5 Polymers. 

You can find copper ore everywhere, but Coal is in dry places like deserts.

Similarly, make sure you have plenty of Refined Ingots because you’ll need them to craft Rifle Ammo.

If you need more resources, set up temporary mining camps near ore clusters.

There are many clusters on the map; one is near the Small Settlement close to the starting zone.

Then, bring a Rushoar, a Grappling Gun, and resources to build a Palbox.

Use the Rushoar to mine, and the Grappling Gun to move while carrying a lot, then fast travel back to your main base with the Palbox.

Causes Of Single Shot Rifle Not Showing Up In Palworld.

The cause of the Single Shot Rifle not appearing as expected in Palworld has become a topic of concern among players.

Players have expressed challenges locating the Single Shot Rifle in assembly lines.

This difficulty arises from its icon resembling that of the musket rather than having a distinct representation in the technology tree.

Single-shot rifle not loading an ammo bug
Single-shot rifle not loading an ammo bug.

The distinction between the icon and the actual appearance has sparked frustration among players.

They anticipated a semi-automatic rifle but got a more powerful musket, contributing to the shared sentiment of dissatisfaction.

Some have already discovered it is a bug, contributing to the dissatisfaction with the current representation of the Single Shot Rifle.

The prevailing concern stems from the inconsistency between the rifle’s appearance and icon.

Fixes For Single Shot Rifle Not Showing Up In Palworld

If you’re facing issues with the Single Shot Rifle not appearing in Palworld, you can try the following fixes:

1. Check Inventory

Ensure that you have successfully crafted the Single Shot Rifle and that it is present in your inventory.

Sometimes, items may not show up due to oversight.

2. Crafting Requirements

Verify that you have met all the crafting requirements for the Single Shot Rifle.

Check if you have the necessary materials and have crafted it at the Pal Gear Workbench.

3. Reload And Update The Game

Save your progress, exit the game, and then restart it to potentially resolve display issues with items, as reloading can be effective.

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Palworld because developers often release updates that address bugs.

4. Report The Bug

If none of the above solutions work, consider reporting the issue to the game developers so that they can fix the bugs in the future.

Further, the developers can bring new patches and updates to solve bugs in the game.

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