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Last Epoch Elevator Bug: How To Fix?

Players are encountering a Last Epoch Elevator bug that prevents them from using the Elevator to reach their destination.

In Last Epoch, the Elevator plays a crucial role in transporting players to various locations, including the Council Chambers.

To fix this bug, players need to do a quick teleport to another place and back to the elevator.

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Causes Of Elevator Bug In Last Epoch

The Elevator in Last Epoch as a means of vertical transportation, players to access different levels of the game world quickly and efficiently.

It is a vital mechanic for progression and exploration within the game.

However, many players are unable to take the elevator to the Council Chambers.

Here are some of the reasons for the elevator bug issue in Last Epoch:

1. Map Glitch

One common cause of the Elevator bug is a map glitch.

It prevents the Elevator area from loading properly, leaving players stranded without means of advancement.

Map glitch
Map glitches can prevent the Elevator area from loading properly.

2. Triggering Sequence Error

Sometimes, triggering certain events or actions out of order can disrupt the Elevator’s functionality.

Furthermore, it can also cause some mechanics in the game to malfunction.

3. Corrupted Game Files

If certain game files are corrupted or missing, it can disrupt the functioning of the elevator within the Council Chambers.

Moreover, file corruption is sometimes caused due to an update to the game.

4. Server Connectivity Issues

Poor server connectivity or lag can also contribute to the elevator bug, causing it to malfunction or become inaccessible.

Likewise, it can also stop rending the game features due to slow connectivity to the server.

5. Game Update Issues

Updates or patches to the game may introduce bugs or errors that affect the Elevator mechanics, leading to player frustration.

Similarly, the Last Epoch recently had a big update which can cause some features or mechanisms to not work properly.

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Fixes For The Elevator Bug In Last Epoch

Here are some of the fixes for the elevator bug in Last Epoch:

1. Check Game Version

Players should ensure that your game version is up to date and matches the server’s version.

It will avoid any synchronization issues that may lead to the elevator bug.

2. Verify Game Files

Players can use the game’s verification tool to check for any corrupted or missing files.

Reinstalling the game can also help resolve any file-related issues causing the elevator bug.

3. Teleportation Trick

If you encounter the Elevator bug, a quick workaround is to teleport out of the area and then back in.

This simple action can force the Elevator to reappear and function as intended.

4. Waypoint Navigation

Using the in-game map and Waypoints can also help to bypass the Elevator bug.

By selecting the Council Chambers location directly from the map, you can avoid the broken Elevator.

Use Waypoints
Use the in-game map and Waypoints to bypass the Elevator bug.

5. Restart the Game

In some cases, restarting the game entirely can resolve the Elevator bug.

This method may reset any glitched elements and allow the Elevator to work correctly upon re-entry.

6. Contact Support

If the Elevator bug persists despite trying the above methods, consider reaching out to Last Epoch’s support team for assistance.

They may provide additional troubleshooting steps or a fix for the issue.

The elevator bug in Last Epoch can be a frustrating hurdle for players trying to access the Council Chambers.

Understanding the causes of the bug and following the steps outlined above can help you fix the bug.

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