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Last Epoch Cycle Vs. Legacy: Which One To Choose?

When venturing into the world of Last Epoch after the wipe, players are faced with the choice between Cycle vs. Legacy characters.

Furthermore, these two options offer distinct experiences, and understanding their differences is essential for every adventurer.

Moreover, choosing between these two options depends on your preference and playstyle.

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What Is Cycle In Last Epoch?

Cycle, in Last Epoch, refers to the periodic updates or seasons introduced by the game developers.

Each cycle typically introduces new features, balance adjustments, and sometimes even resets certain aspects of the game.

Each cycle introduces new features and certain aspects to the game.

Here are some of the things about the cycle in Last Epoch:

1. New Beginnings

Your Cycle character starts from scratch, devoid of any previous progress.

Moreover, it’s like stepping into a new chapter of the game.

2. Game Mechanics And Items

Each Cycle introduces new items and game mechanics. Furthermore, these fresh additions spice up your journey.

So, if you’re a fan of discovering new gear and experimenting with features, Cycles are your playground.

3. Cosmetics And Unique Items

While playing a Cycle, you might unlock exclusive cosmetics.

These could be flashy armor sets, dazzling weapon skins, or other visual treats.

Additionally, unique items specific to Cycles may discovered while progressing through the game.

4. The Transfer

At the end of a Cycle, your character and all their belongings will automatically transfer to the Legacy realm.

Since this is the first cycle in the Last Epoch it will be a fresh start with a new challenge.

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What Is Legacy In Last Epoch?

Legacy, on the other hand, pertains to the existing progress and characters within the game.

Legacy characters retain all their accumulated gear, progress, and achievements from previous cycles.

They provide continuity for players who wish to continue their journey without starting afresh with each new cycle.

Legacy characters retain all their progression from previous cycles.

Here are some of the things about the legacy of Last Epoch:

1. Continuity

Legacy preserves your hard-earned achievements from before the game.

Likewise, your characters, their levels, and their gear will remain intact.

2. No Seasonal Resets

In Legacy, there are no seasonal resets which is very beneficial to progress through the game.

Moreover, you won’t lose access to your favorite characters or their gear due to a new Cycle starting.

3. Leaderboards

If you want competitive gameplay, Legacy also offers Leaderboards.

Furthermore, these display the top performers across various challenges.

4. Steady Progress

Whether you’re fine-tuning a build or exploring endgame content, Legacy also provides stability.

Similarly, there are no sudden changes in the game and just steady progression.

Cycle Vs. Legacy In Last Epoch

Here are some of the differences between Cycle and Legacy in Last Epoch:

1. Progression

Cycle characters offer a fresh start with each new cycle, requiring players to begin from scratch.

However, this means starting with no gear, progress, or achievements.

Conversely, Legacy characters maintain continuity, allowing players to pick up where they left off the progress from previous cycles.

Cycle and Legacy in Last Epoch
Players need to choose from Cycle and Legacy in Last Epoch.

2. Economy

With Cycle characters, players experience a reset in the in-game economy, as everyone starts on equal footing.

This can lead to a more balanced and competitive environment, particularly for those who enjoy the challenge of building from scratch.

On the other hand, Legacy characters operate within an established economy, where the value of items may fluctuate.

3. Community Engagement

Cycle characters often encourage a sense of competition among players as everyone embarks on the same journey simultaneously.

This can lead to increased in community engagement, with players banding together to overcome challenges and share strategies.

While still part of the community, legacy characters may have a more individualized experience as players pursue their goals.

4. Accessibility

Both Cycle and Legacy characters offer unique experiences and cater to different player preferences.

Cycle characters appeal to those seeking a fresh challenge and the thrill of starting anew with each cycle.

While Legacy characters provide a sense of continuity and stability, allowing players to build upon their past achievements.

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