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Last Epoch Leaks: Falconer And Warlock

There are Last Epoch leaks all over social media, including information about its classes and passive trees.

However, after this leakage, players are quite excited for the official release of the Last Epoch.

This leak reveals the passive trees for mastery classes Falconer and Warlock, which unlock at level 25 after investing points.

Continue reading to learn more about the leaks of Last Epoch.

Introduction To Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games, emphasizing combat with melee-based weapons.

This game also features spectacle fighters and projectile-based weapons such as guns as secondary weapons.

However, the release of a free playable demo as part of Last Epoch’s Kickstarter drive in April 2018.

Similarly, this demo marked a significant milestone in the game’s development.

Last Epoch, an early access hack and slash action role-playing game.
Last Epoch is an early-access hack-and-slash action role-playing game.

Despite its beta being made available via Steam Early Access and was all set to release in April 2020, it was rescheduled again.

Finally, after releasing its multiplayer beta in October 2023, EHG announced that the full game would launch on February 21, 2024.

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List Of Armour And Weapons In Last Epoch Leaks

Last Epoch is a competitive ARPG hack-and-slash game with 15 classes, and hundreds of viable character build.

Moreover, the game encourages experimentation with different weapon types and modifications.

Here are some of the weapons and classes that players will have in Last Epoch:

1. Wands And Sceptres

Wands are a base type of weapon and possess unique primary implicit modifiers, players can also craft this weapon in the Affixes.

However, Last Epoch designates scepters for melee or caster hybrid characters, and one of the unique wands is Culnivar’s Claim.

Culnivar’s Claim is based on the Emerald Sceptre with a level requirement 50.

2. Axes

One-handed and two-handed axes are standard melee weapons that balance damage and speed.

However, players can equip two-handed axes even if nothing is equipped in the Offhand.

Hence, Axes are a great choice of weapon for players who prefer close combat.

3. Sword

This primary implicit of one-handed and two-handed swords emphasizes the direct increase in melee physical damage.

However, the secondary implicit of one-handed swords complements the focus on damage output. 

Similarly, two-handed swords contain a variety of secondary implicits.

4. Blunt Weapons

Bult Weapons are the base type of weapons that have added melee physical damage as their primary implicit.

However, one-handed blunt weapons increased physical damage as their secondary implicit.

Moreover, a two-handed blunt weapon can only be equipped if there is nothing equipped in the Offhand.

5. Polearms

Polearms are typically two-handed weapons with melee physical damage as their primary implicit.

Similarly, the secondary implicit of polearms is increased critical strike chance.

However, it is known for their extended reach compared to one-handed weapons.

This weapon’s ability allows players to strike enemies from a greater distance, providing a tactical advantage in combat.

6. Armor Clad

Armour is best for protection and mitigating hit damage during combat calculations.

However, armor-clad grants 10 additional armor per allocated point and 3% increased armor per allocated point.

Last Epoch: Classes 

In Last Espoch, players can begin their journey by selecting a base class.

As players progress in levels, they can specialize by choosing a master class.

However, classes in Last Espoch are extremely important to progress further in the game.

Upon creating the character to play the Last Espoch, players can select the base class and further unlock the master class using the Passive unlock node.

Here are some of the already-mentioned classes in Last Espoch: 

  • Base Classes : Acolyte, Mage, Primalist, Rogue.
  • Acolyte Master Classes: Lich, Necromancer, Warlock.
  • Mage Master Classes: Runemaster, Sorcerer, Spellblade, Beastmaster, Druid, Shaman.
  • Rogue Master Classes: Bladedancer, Falconer, Marksman, Forge Guard, Paladin, Void Knight.

Last Epoch Leaks: Falconer And Warlock’s Passive Trees 

While the developers, Eleventh Hour Games, have not officially released the trailer, it faced the leakage.

This trailer features the Guardians of the Galaxy and a glance at some incredible gameplay.

Similarly, the last epoch leaks contain the Falconer and Warlock Passive Trees.

However, some of the information about the upcoming classes Falconer And Warlock’s passive tree got leaked.

Warlock Passives in Last Epoch
Warlock Passives in Last Epoch.

Warlock is the Acolyte’s third mastery,  master of the forbidden arts.

She embraces the dark arts through powerful Curses and Soul Magic, twisting her foe’s spirits with relentless curses and hexes.

However, here are some of the Last Epoch leaks, Warlock passive tree cruses; 

  • Anguish: a curse that lasts 10 seconds and deals Necrotic damage.
  • Penance: a curse that lasts 15 seconds.
  • Decrepify: deals with 200 physical damage over 10 seconds. 
  • Acid Skin: add damage by applying at 80% effectiveness per second and deal 80 Poison damage over 5 seconds
  • Torment: deals 120 spells of Necrotic damage over 3 seconds.

However, the Warlock also has access to early Leech in the Passive Tree and has nodes i.e. Dark ProtectionsWither and Doom Heral.

These nodes increase players’ survivability in the game significantly.

Falconer Passive Tree in Last Epoch
Falconer Passive Tree in Last Epoch.

Similarly, the Falconer passive tree is out there on the internet but not with any other additional information.

However, further information about the Falconer passive will be released as a teaser on February 8th, 2024.

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