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CODM Leaks: Luck Spear And Character Lobby View

In the latest season of Call of Duty: Mobile, you can experience the thrill of futuristic warfare with new maps, weapons, and characters.

Explore the neon-lit Nuketown 2065, wield the powerful Mythic Type 19, and unleash the legendary Spear on your enemies.

You can choose from various character skins, including the stealthy Seraph, the casual Ghost, the crossover Alex, and more.

Continue reading to learn more about the leaks of character lobby views in CODM.

Leaks For Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 2

For the new season of Call of Duty: Mobile, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the past and the future.

Some of the leaks for CODM are as follow:

1. New Map: Nuketown 2065

Nuketown 2065 features a neon-lit urban setting with advanced technology and vehicles.

Generally, the map is designed for fast-paced and chaotic gameplay, with plenty of cover and flanking opportunities.

2. New Weapons: The Type 19 and MG42

The Type 19, a legendary spear, is a semi-automatic assault rifle with a high rate of fire and moderate recoil.

Generally, it is suitable for medium to long-range engagements and can be customized with various attachments.

The MG42 is a light machine gun with a high fire rate and a large magazine capacity.

However, it is ideal for suppressing enemies and laying down heavy fire but has a slow reload time and high recoil.

You can unlock both weapons for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

MG42 is a light machine gun with a high fire rate.

3. Mythic Type 19

The Mythic Type 19 will have a futuristic design and a custom kill effect that shows a holographic skull.

Additionally, it will have a Mythic card that allows players to upgrade the weapon and unlock different skins, attachments, and perks.

4. New Battle Pass

The Season 2 Battle Pass will feature a new operator skin, as well as a variety of other cosmetics.

Moreover, the new operator’s skin is Alex, who is a member of Task Force 141 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Battle Pass will include new weapon skins, charms, stickers, emotes, and more.

However, you can purchase it with CP, the in-game currency of Call of Duty: Mobile.

5. Double CP Event

There will be a double CP event during Season 2.

Generally, players will earn double the amount of CP for every purchase they make with real money.

CP can be used to buy various items and services in the game, such as the Battle Pass, crates, bundles, and more.

CP Value
players will earn double the amount of CP

6. Free Legendary M4

There will be a free Legendary M4 skin called the M4 – Dark Matter with a cosmic design.

That changes color depending on the weapon’s kill count; obtain it by completing a set of challenges.

The free Legendary M4 skin is a reward for the most dedicated and loyal players.

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Leaked Character Lobby Views For CODM

The leaks about the character lobby views for CODM Season 2 are as follows:

1. Seraph – Stealth

This skin is based on the specialist Seraph, a leader of the 54 Immortals from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The stealth suit gives her a sleek and stealthy look, with orange highlights contrasting with the dark background.

Moreover, the suit has futuristic elements, such as a visor and a backpack.

2. Ghost – Loose Ends

This skin is based on the iconic character Ghost, a member of Task Force 141.

Generally, the loose-ends outfit refers to the mission of the same name, where Ghost and his team are betrayed and killed by General Shepherd.

Further, the outfit shows Ghost in a more relaxed and casual style, with a hoodie and jeans, but still wearing his signature mask.

loose ends
Loose ends refer to the mission of the same name

3. Alex – Mason

This skin is based on the crossover between Alex.

However, the skin shows Alex wearing Mason’s outfit from Black Ops 2.

4. Krueger – Alchemist

It is based on the operator Krueger, a former KSK soldier and a mercenary.

Generally, he is a master of stealth and infiltration, and a gas mask covers his face.

The alchemist outfit gives him a more sci-fi and hazardous look, with a hazmat suit and glowing green gas canisters on his back.

Moreover, the suit has some symbols and writings, suggesting mysterious and dangerous experiments.

Battle pass
Battle pass will feature a new operator skin.

5. Scylla – Corrupted

This skin is based on the operator Scylla, a former IDF soldier and a member of the Warcom faction.

Significantly, this outfit gives her a dark and demonic look, with a black and red color scheme, glowing red eyes, and sharp claws.

However, the outfit has torn and ripped parts, showing skin and scars.

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