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Last Epoch Referral Event: Pet Bee And Free Codes

Last Epoch version 1.0 released on 21 Feb, 2024 and the game introduced a new referral event for a free reward.

This event was introduced by the devs during the Last Epoch livestream that gave sneak peeks about the upcoming patch.

After fulfilling the referral quota, players will unlock the new Pet Bee that acts as a trail.

Continue reading the article to learn about the Referral event in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Referral Event

Before its official patch release, Last Epoch made massive changes to the entire game from gameplay to cosmetics.

Similarly, the game has added new cosmetics into the game that allow a chance for players to get the Pet Bee.

The developers made this information official in the Last Epoch forum on February 20, proving its legitimacy.

Since this is a referral event, players must invite other players to purchase the game to get the rewards.

Players can participate in this event when the patch is made official to all the servers.

Last Epoch Referral event
The official Last Epoch Referral event.

In total, players can collect up to 3 Bee Cosmetics(Pet) upon referring 3 players into the game.

These bees follow the character around the map, meaning that they provide no competitive advantage.

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How To Get The Last Epoch Bee Pet

Many players are excited about the new Bee Pet in the game but getting them is quite tricky.

Hence, players must follow these guidelines to successfully unlock the Bee Pet as a cosmetic:

  • Players qualify for the Bee Pet event as soon as they log in to the game after patch 1.0.
  • The game provides each player with a unique referral code, accessible through the social panel.
  • Players must copy that code and send it to either past players or new ones in the game.
  • When another player uses your code, players can unlock one of the three Bee cosmetic rewards.
    Bee Pet
    The in-game appearance of the Bee Pet in Last Epoch.
  • In total, players can get up to three Bee cosmetic rewards after referring 3 players.
  • The best way for players to unlock this pet is by exchanging their referral links through community forums.

Last Epoch Referral Bee Pet: Free Codes

Referral Codes are essential for players if they want to claim the new Bee Pet in the game.

However, they must note that these are not global codes as every player gets their own referral code.

Last epoch referral code
Last Epoch Referral code panel in the game.

Hence, there could be thousands of these codes, providing more ways for players to get the Bee Pet.

Here are some of the free codes that players can use for the Referral event:

  • Subscribe 
  • DaBoss666
  • Zokrai
  • Harrier77
  • Sirux
  • Symbiosis
  • Roxillio
  • Kahlan
  • Kdemou
  • Valo

In cases where the codes do not work, players must assume that these codes were already referred to.

Finally, players can always look up new codes on community forums and discord and exchange them with other players.

Bee Pet Code Dilemma In Last Epoch

Players have discovered a major issue with the ongoing Bee Pet referral event in Last Epoch.

The issue is related to the fact that a player can only use the referral code once.

Hence,  it is like scamming someone else to get the 2 extra referrals once they swap codes with a player.

Therefore, if a new player uses their referral on you, they are out of referrals to give to someone else.

This issue hinders them from even getting the base-level pet as 2 of the people who referred you have nothing.

Currently, players have no way to fix this issue and have to wait until further notice from the devs.

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