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Where To Find The Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

In Last Epoch, the training dummy is crucial in helping players hone their skills and improve their overall gameplay experience.

Furthermore, training dummies are virtual targets for players to practice their combat abilities and test new strategies.

Moreover, the training dummy can be found in Champion’s Gate, located in the Divine Era.

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What Is A Training Dummy In The Last Epoch?

Training dummies in Last Epoch are stationary targets that players can attack to measure their damage output.

Furthermore, it can also be used to test different skills and combinations and experiment with various tactics.

These dummies provide a controlled environment for players to assess the effectiveness of their character builds.

Moreover, it serves as a tool for players to test different abilities, assess damage output, and refine their strategies.

Training Dummy
Training Dummy in Last Epoch.
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Location Of Training Dummy In Last Epoch

The training dummies in Last Epoch can be found in the zone that leads to the entrance of the Arena.

This area is Champion’s Gate and is located in the Divine Era.

Furthermore, players can access Champion’s Gate by traveling to Heoborea.

It is the main town in the snow-themed region where Chapter 7 of the Campaign takes place.

However, if players do not have the Champion’s Gate Waypoint, they can head west from the Wengari Fortress.

Afterward, travel south at a junction to enter Kolheim Pass.

From there, they can continue west until reaching Champion’s Gate.

Uses Of Training Dummy In Last Epoch

1. Damage Testing

One of the primary uses of training dummies is to test the damage output of different skills, abilities, and gear combinations.

Players can use these dummies to see how much damage their character can deal in a controlled setting.

Testing the damage output
A training dummy is used for testing the damage output in Last Epoch.

2. Skill Practice

Training dummies also provide players a platform to practice using their skills and abilities effectively.

Players can experiment with different rotations, timings, and combos to optimize their combat performance.

3. Build Optimization

Players can test their character builds on training dummies and can identify strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, it helps to fine-tune their gear and skill selections and optimize their overall build for maximum efficiency.

4. Combat Strategy

Training dummies allow players to strategize and experiment with different combat tactics, such as crowd control and burst damage.

Players can refine their strategies and adapt to various combat situations.

Different combat tactics
Players can strategize and experiment with different combat tactics on Training dummies.

5. Benchmarking

Players can use training dummies as a benchmark to compare different builds, gear setups, and playstyles.

By measuring their performance against these stationary targets, players can gauge their progress and make informed decisions.

6. Efficiency Improvement

Training with the dummy helps players become more efficient in combat.

It allows them to practice rotations, timing, and resource management, leading to smoother and more effective gameplay.

Training dummies are valuable tools for players to enhance their skills, test out new builds, and optimize their gameplay experience.

Likewise, by locating these dummies in Champion’s Gate, players can utilize them effectively.

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