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Lava Hand Fortnite: Mystery Box

In Fortnite, there has been abuzz with rumors and excitement surrounding the impending arrival of the Titan lava hand.

Furthermore, this mysterious phenomenon has captured the attention of players worldwide, sparking anticipation and curiosity.

Moreover, the lava hand occurs after the earthquake every hour which reveals a large Titan lava hand with a giant mystery box.

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What Is Lava Hand In Fortnite?

The lava hand in Fortnite refers to a colossal titan hand emerging from cracks in the ground, signaling the presence of a mysterious force.

This hand is a harbinger of chaos and upheaval, promising a series of mini-events that will shake the very foundation of the Fortnite world.

Players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this titan’s hand, eager to witness its emergence and unravel the mysteries it holds.

Lava Hand
Lava Hand in Fortnite with a mystery box.

Furthermore, its appearance is both awe-inspiring and foreboding, leaving players wondering about its purpose and origin.

Moreover, it also has a large mystery box which is tied up with a chain in the Lava Hand.

The chain has a huge hitpoint of 500 trillion health initial and 50 million health of first 4 chains.

However, this takes time to unlock every chain and unveil the mystery inside the box.

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When Will Lava Hand Appear In Fortnite?

The lava hand in Fortnite is expected to make its grand entrance on March 2nd, 2024, according to various leaks.

The hand will manifest itself through a series of earthquakes and cracks in the game’s map.

Initially, the Fortnite island trembles with earthquakes and shakes that occur at the top of every hour.

The crack forms every three hours up to 45 hours until the 46th hour is when the lava hand appears.

Lava hand emerges
Lava hand emerges from the cracks in the ground.

As the Lava Hand continues to rise, it will unveil a chained chest or a box of sorts.

Players will have the opportunity to witness this spectacle firsthand, as they band together to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

What Is Inside Lava Hand Box In Fortnite?

Within the lava hand in Fortnite lies Pandora’s Box, a mythical artifact shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

This box holds the key to unlocking a series of chaotic mini-events, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and additional earthquakes.

Moreover, players will need to work together to open Pandora’s Box by breaking the chains that bind it.

The content of the box is rumored to have far-reaching consequences for the Fortnite world, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure.

Furthermore, the box is rumored to contain a large pillar of tornado fire coming from inside the box dropped from the Lava Hand.

The box contains a large pillar of tornado fire coming from inside the box.

However, this has only occurred to selective or few players when the chest or box opens suddenly.

This may be a glitch or a bug that has occurred to a few players in Fortnite.

Likewise, this may be due to changes in the future which may contain some exclusive items.

Lava Hand in Fortnite represents a thrilling new addition to the game, promising exciting gameplay and rewards for players.

Players can look forward to playing together while unlocking the Box, and facing the challenges in this epic Fortnite experience.

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