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Discover The Albrecht Entrati In Warframe

Warframe has many interesting characters you can find throughout the quest.

Albrecht Entrati an Orokin scientist, spent years researching the void.

He is a member of the Entrati family, an Orokin family with a significant role in the lore of Warframe.

Albrecht Entrati is a scientist, the first Orokin to go through the Void, who spent a lot of time finding the way to reach the stars.

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Who Is Albrecht Entrati In Warframe?

In Warframe, Albrecht Entrati is the former head of the Entrati family and the father of Euleria Entrati.

Albrecht Entrati is depicted in statues and art where he has blue skin, but no elongated arm like the rest of the Orokin.

Moreover, he discovers the Requiem mods and appears around the Cosmic Clock in Deimos where the logs are.

Albrecht Entrati stumbled in his vessel and shifted its path through the wall.
Albrecht Entrati stumbled in his vessel and shifted its path through the wall.

In addition, he has created the Heart of Deimos that provides Void energy to the Origin System.

Furthermore, he spent a lot of time trying to prove the advantages of Void, but as the year passed with no decisive proof. 

However, he doubted other Orokin, and his failures made him bitter and reckless.

Moreover, his failed paradoxical formulation culminated in one moment and started affecting the environment and Albrecht himself.

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Is Albrecht Entrati Back In The New Expansion Of Warframe?

Whispers in the Walls is a main Quest released in Update 35.0 on December 13, 2023.

In this new expansion, with The Man in the Wall growing restless, the Tenno ventures try to uncover secrets left behind by Albrecht Entrati.

However, Dr. Entrati is a character in the Whispers in the Walls who has the same surname, as well as a vocal resemblance, to Albrecht Entrati.

Reddit discussion about Albrecht's Doppelganger.
Reddit discussion about Albrecht’s Doppelganger.

Some players argue that it is Albrecht’s Doppelganger, as he swore himself never to undergo continuity and instead died because of his fear of the man in the wall.

It is unknown whether he is Albrecht himself as mentioned by human Loid in the Whispers in the Walls demo.

However, while locating Auricle, Loid seems to have observed what happened, as he comments on Albrecht.

Moreover, he gives a strange smile to Arthur, it’s clear that Albrecht is still out there.

What Do You Mean By Requiem Mods?

Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, thus the only way to split a Kuva Lich or Sisters of Parvos’s Immortality.

Each Kuva Lich is weak to a random combination of three of Requiem Mods.

However, it does not possess any polarity or drain and holds up to 3 charges per Mod.

Hence, one copy of each Requiem Mod can be equipped at any given time.

Moreover, to defeat the nemesis, players must slot in Requiem Mods and swap them around until their Mercy eventually succeeds.

The Bottom Line

Entrati family plays a significant role in the Heart of Deimos update, players can interact with them to unlock various features.

However, Albrecht wound up in Duviri and vanished, leaving the citizens to make a grave for him.

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