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Leaping Smackerel Third Coin: How To Find It?

Leaping Smackerel is a water-themed stage with many fish, pipes, and currents.

This level consists of many wonder seeds and purple coins that provide various benefits in the game.

Leaping Smackrel has three purple coins defended by enemies. So, obtaining the third coin is a challenging task, and players must be careful of hindrances surrounding the coin.

This article discusses Leaping Smackerel and how to obtain the third coin in Leaping Smackerel.

What Is Leaping Smackerel?

Leaping Smackerel in Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes place in the Petal Isles, serving as the initial underwater level.

The stage introduces Smackerels, a formidable fish capable of smashing hard blocks and pursuing the player.

Wonder Flowers, featured in this stage, trigger Wonder Effects, transforming the environment and unveiling hidden paths and secrets.

In the stage, players must collect three Flower Coins hidden or guarded by enemies.

Also, you need two vital Wonder Seeds to progress and unlock new worlds.

Furthermore, players get the first Wonder Seed at the stage’s end.

Players can acquire the second one by activating the nearby Wonder Flower after the second checkpoint flag.

However, only after following the giant Smackerel to gather five Wonder Tokens.

Players can earn five Wonder Tokens in Leaping Smackrel.

Leaping Smackerel’s design challenges players’ swimming skills and ability to avoid or use the giant fish to their advantage.

Also, new enemies, like purple pipe poppers and bubble-shooting barnacles, add to the challenge.

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How To Obtain The Third Coin In Leaping Smackerel?

The third coin in Leaping Smackerel is one of the most tricky ones to obtain.

Also, it is hidden in a secret area that can only be accessed by finding a hidden pipe near the end of the stage.

Leaping Smackerel Third Coin
You must find a pipe and go through it to acquire the Third coin in Leaping Smackerel.

Here are the steps to get the third coin:

  1. Beyond the second checkpoint flag, activate the Wonder Flower, converting hard blocks to coins; so swim through using Dolphin kick bade.
  2. Continue going to the right, passing a Smackerel pipe. Seek out a hidden gap amid coral reefs. Enter the concealed pipe.
  3. Inside the secret area, navigate past Smackerels and disruptive bubbles. Trace a coin-formed arrow pointing downward to locate the third coin in a small alcove.
  4. Retrieve the coin, swim upwards, exit through the top pipe, and return to the main stage area near its conclusion. You can either complete the stage like usual or go ahead and explore for a secret exit leading to a bonus stage.

Importance Of Third Coin In Leaping Smackerel

Obtaining the third coin in Leaping Smackerel unlocks additional content and secrets.

It grants access to a secret exit leading to the bonus stage.

Further, this stage offers more Wonder Flowers, Wonder Seeds, unique challenges, and rewards.

Earning the third coin demonstrates your mastery of game mechanics and exploration skills.

Hidden within a secret area, it’s accessible through a concealed pipe near the stage’s end.

The Bottom Line

The third coin is worth collecting because it will help you unlock more content in the game.

If you collect all three coins in Leaping Smackerel, you will unlock a secret exit that will take you to a bonus stage called Wonder Waterfall.

Also, this stage has more Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds to collect and some unique challenges and rewards.

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