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How To Find Second Purple Coin In Outmaway Valley?

Many players are unable to find the second purple coin while playing the Outmaway Valley.

Players must find all three purple coins and wonder seeds to progress through this mission.

To find the second purple coin in Outmaway Valley, players must initially locate a bridge, head straight jump across the enemy’s high ice cubes and jump from the pit.

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Outmaway Valley: Overview

Outmaway Valley is the initial objective after players reach one of eight worlds, Fluff-Pluff Peaks.

Outmaway Valley
Play the Outmaway Valley event by entering the Fluff-Puff Peaks.

It is the three-star difficulty rating event on the snow setup that has multiple iceblocks and snowmaps.

This may not be as difficult as other worlds in the game, but obtaining the purple coin can sometimes be quite tricky.

Like every other world, players must fulfill each objective to complete the mission by picking up the three Wonder seeds and flowers.

Players must find a secret passage, tackle multiple enemies, come across traps and even break walls to get those items.

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Location Of Second Purple Coin In Outmaway Valley

Follow the steps to find the exact area of the second purple coin in Outmaway Valley in Super Mario Bros. Wonder;

1. Reach The First Coin Area

For ease in the event, players must extract the first purple coin and search for the second one.

Players must progress until they find a question mark sign and grab the fire flower to destroy the ice blocks.

Super Mario Bros Wonder
Hit the question mark icon block and get the fire flower.

Follow the route and cross the huge ice chunk with the devil’s cube maker and the enemy.

Players should reach the top blue platform with two ice blocks, jump to the next platform with an enemy, and trigger the handle.

Grabbing the handle will launch a vast rope, providing players three regular coins and the first purple coin in the Outmaway Valley.

2. Head To Bridge

Upon grabbing the initial purple coin, players will come across the first tortoise; they should ensure to follow the same upper path.

Players will encounter other enemies before reaching the bridge, so either kill them or jump to avoid contact.

super mario bros wonder
Avoid the enemies and reach the bridge.

Players will see a long yellow pipe; either use the path by breaking the ice block or head straight.

3. Obtain The Outmaway Valley Second Purple Coin

If players follow the Yellow pipe path, multiple enemies will be waiting to deploy chunks of ice blocks.

Ensure to avoid the damage, grab the fire flower again and destroy a couple of blocks.

Players will see the purple coin; unfortunately, it is not obtainable because of the blockage.

outmaway valley purple coin
Destroy the ice cubes to see the second purple coin.

Hence, players must use the next yellow pipe to reach the top again.

At the top, players will see another enemy and a pit just below, jump down the space and get the purple coin.

outmaway valley second purple coin
Jump down and claim the second purple coin.

Players can encounter other similar pits that could be traps, so ensure to choose the path carefully.

Additionally, players who prefer to avoid the fire pipe should come across giant ice cubes deployed by the enemy using the machine.

Players must have perfect timing and jump across the cubes to locate the same pit found after climbing the second yellow pipe.

The Bottom Line

The second purple coin is located in a pit, which can confuse players due to its trap-like nature.

After getting the second coin, players can follow the platform just above the pit and grab the checkpoint flag to get a third coin.

Additionally, players should grab the regular coins and the question blocks, get flowers, obtain the gold pole and look for a secret exit.

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