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Lego Fortnite Caves And The Reset Phenomenon

In LEGO Fortnite, caves don’t reset like some things in the game.

Once you go into a cave and check out what’s inside, that’s pretty much it.

In LEGO Fortnite, caves do not reset, meaning once explored, chests remain empty, resources do not respawn, and enemies may reappear thus encouraging strategic planning for players.

Continue reading to learn more about Caves Reset in Lego Fortnite.

Caves Reset In Lego Fortnite 

Unfortunately, caves in LEGO Fortnite do not reset once you explore them.

Here’s a breakdown of what does and doesn’t reset in caves:

  • Chests: Once you loot a chest in a cave, it will remain empty even if you revisit the cave. There will be no new items inside.
  • Resources: Resources like wood and rocks on the cave floor will not respawn. However, you can repeatedly harvest resources like vines and roots in Grassland caves with the right tool (Uncommon Forest Axe).
  • Enemies: If you faced challenges or fought against enemies like spiders or skeletons in the cave, they might reset. So, be ready for another round of adventure when you return even if you’ve already cleared them out.

Once you’ve explored a cave and collected the resources you need, you can move on to another one.

There’s no point in revisiting the same cave unless you want to fight the enemies again.

You can use the map to mark the caves you’ve already explored so you don’t waste time revisiting them.

marked on your map
Once you’ve found a cave, it’ll be marked on your map in that world.

However, things like trees, stones, and berry bushes outside the cave, do reset.

So, if you need more wood or rocks, you can come back later, and they’ll be there again.

Since things outside the cave reset, it’s a good idea to build your village near places with lots of trees and stones.

This way, you always have easy access to important resources.

Moreover, focus on exploring different caves to find all the resources you need for crafting and building your village.

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Benefits Of Caves Not Resetting In Lego Fortnite 

With caves not resetting, players are encouraged to explore more, discover new caves, and uncover new resources.

Additionally, the lack of respawning resources necessitates careful planning for each expedition.

Players must strategize and bring the necessary tools to gather the specific resources they need from each unique cave. 

This also promotes problem-solving and strategic thinking, as players need to be prepared for different challenges in each cave.

The limited availability of resources encourages players to work together and share resources.

This makes the gameplay more engaging and exciting, especially for players who enjoy a challenge.

Since resources like bright core and obsidian only appear in specific caves and don’t respawn, they become more valuable.

appear in specific caves
Obsidians only appear in specific caves and don’t respawn.

Knowing resources are finite encourages players to think about sustainability and build efficient structures for resource management.

As players explore and gather resources, the landscape changes, reflecting their impact on the environment.

The Bottom Line

Remember, in LEGO Fortnite they randomly generated new worlds.

So each time you start a new world, you’ll have new caves to discover with fresh resources.

Exploring with friends can be more fun and beneficial, as you can share resources and help each other fight enemies.

Have fun exploring the caves and unlocking all their secrets!

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