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What Are The Weapons Vasco Use In Starfield?

Starfield features different companions that you can recruit and interact with.

It offers more than 20 unique companions, each with their skills, personalities, and backgrounds.

Vasco can use any weapon you give him. Eternity Gate and Plasma Caster are the weapons, whereas 7kV Laser Ammo, 3kV LZR Cartridges or 1.5kV LZR Cartridges are the Ammos he can use.

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Who Is Vasco In Starfield?

Vasco is one of the earliest models of robots, but Malcolm Livingstone updated him.

Malcolm Livingstone is a member of Constellation, which specializes in robotics.

Vasco’s rifle attachment is an EM weapon system that does increased damage to shields and electronics.

Additionally, he can use his chest laser for close-range combat or cutting through obstacles.

Vasco is the robot.

His aneutronic fusion reactor enhances Vasco’s carry capacity.

This reactor produces extra power for his systems, allowing him to store more items in his internal compartments.

Further, Vasco’s personality is friendly and curious, but he also has a sense of duty and loyalty to Constellation and its mission.

He will call the player by name and rank and comment on the locations and events they encounter.

What Weapons Can Vasco Use In Starfield?

Vasco can use any weapon you give him.

However, you must equip it on him in his weapon menu and give him one Ammo. 

Further, some players have reported that Vasco does not use the weapons they give him and only shoots his default laser.

This might be a bug or a limitation of his AI.  

Further, players say companions need one ammunition for whatever weapon you equip them with.

It will provide unlimited Ammo and make you transfer over one Ammo for that particular gun.

Further, companions’ default weapon upgrade is impossible. 

Vasco’s default weapon is a full-auto laser rifle, the weakest version of the laser weapon category.

Therefore, giving him a better weapon as soon as possible is recommended.

reddit discussion on vasco
Reddit discussion on Vasco.

Some players also say they can’t equip Vasco with spacesuits, helmets and packs.

Further, Vasco will not switch between different weapons if you give him more than one.

Some of the best weapons for Vasco are:

1. Eternity’s Gate

This is a legendary particle beam weapon that deals massive damage and has a high rate of fire.

Players can find it in the Vault of Eternity, a secret location in Elysium.

To get Eternity’s Gate, you must defeat the Emissary during the main quest, Revelation.

eternity's gate
Eternity’s Gate is a legendary particle beam weapon.

It has two notable effects: Skip Shot and Handloading.

It also has an Anti-Personnel effect, which gives it +10% damage against humans.

2. Plasma Caster

This rare plasma weapon fires explosive plasma bolts that can simultaneously damage multiple enemies.

It can be bought from Rex, a weapons dealer on the space station Orion.

Players can customize it with different mods, such as a scope, a silencer, or a capacitor. 

plasma caster
Plasma Caster fires explosive plasma bolts.

It is the rarest weapon, and you must complete a quest for the Emissary to obtain it.

The Emissary will ask the player to retrieve a relic from an ancient temple on a remote planet.

Hence, he will reward them with the Plasma Caster if they succeed.

the emissary
You must complete a quest for the Emissary.

What Ammo Does The Vasco Use?

The Vasco can use 7kV Laser Ammo, 3kV LZR Cartridges or 1.5kV LZR Cartridges.

Here’s a brief explanation of these Ammos:

1. 7kV Laser Ammo

7kV Laser Ammo is the ammunition used for some laser weapons in Starfield.

A high-voltage laser cartridge can deal more damage than lower-voltage ones, such as 1.5KV or 3KV. 

You can use Ammo for laser weapons in Starfield.

Some of the weapons that use 7kV Laser Ammo are:

  • Mugshot/Trickshot
  • Magshear/Mindtear/Poisonstorm

2. 3kV LZR Cartridges

3kV LZR Cartridges are ammunition used for some energy weapons in Starfield.

They are medium-voltage laser cartridges that can deal moderate damage and have a decent rate of fire.

Some of the weapons that use 3kV LZR Cartridges are:

  • Arc Welder
  • Equinox 
  • Orion

3. 1.5kV LZR Cartridges

1.5kV LZR Cartridges are also used for some energy weapons in Starfield.

They are low-voltage laser cartridges that can deal low damage and have a high rate of fire.

Some of the weapons that use 1.5kV LZR Cartridges are:

  • Solstice
  • Ember
The Cartridge is used for some energy weapons.

The Bottom Line

To get more Cartridges, you can try to trade with some vendors, such as Rex on the space station Orion.

Further, they can use console cheats to spawn them in your inventory. 

Moreover, players can improve their proficiency with energy weapons by ranking up the Energy Skill.

Hopefully, this article helps you during the game by knowing more about the Vasco and its weapons and Ammo.

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