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Lego Glitch In Fortnite: How To Perform It?

In Fortnite, the Lego glitch is a popular topic of discussion among players.

It’s a way to unlock the Lego skins and other cosmetic items before they’re officially released.

In Fortnite, you can perform an XP glitch by entering the sandbox world and performing some series of specific actions in the world.

This article discusses Lego glitches and XP glitches in Fortnite.

What Is Lego Glitch In Fortnite?

The “Lego glitch” in Fortnite refers to a variety of exploits identified in the game.

Therefore, it allows players to access officially unpublished content of the game.

These flaws may be utilized to gain access to new skins, cosmetics, and even whole game modes before the general audience.

Modifying the game’s files to obtain Lego skins and other cosmetics was one of the most prominent Lego bugs.

Players can access the Lego material without waiting for the official release of the updates for the game.

However, Epic Games fixed the bug in the release.

As a result, this way of unlocking Lego content is no longer available.

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How To Perform Lego XP Glitch In Fortnite?

The glitch for the Lego costumes has been fixed in the latest patch update of the game.

However, there is an XP Lego glitch from which you can get XP without grinding in the game.

Follow the procedure to perform the glitch:

  1. Create a new sandbox world in Lego Fortnite.
  2. Enter the code 9474 34251 277 to access the “One Versus One Christmas” map.
sandbox in lego glitch
Enter this map to start the glitch.
  1. Once in the game, find the Shockwave Hammer and use it to smash the Christmas tree.
  2. Enter the secret room by hitting the emote button near the Christmas tree.
  3. Enter the code 242 to activate the AFK XP mode.
code for lego glitch fortnite
Enter the code in this manner.
  1. Then, exit from the secret room by performing the emote and hit the guards to charge up the XP.
  2. Collect the secret XP buttons and hit the exit button.
  3. Re-enter the secret room and enter the code 347 to activate the additional XP glitch.
  4. Hit the secret XP throughout the map.
  5. Then find and hit the question mark button, jump and get the AFK XP.

Exploiting bugs and glitches can lead to these problems and are:

  • Account suspension: Epic Games has a rigorous anti-cheating and glitching policy. This might ban your Lego Fortnite Account.
  • Corrupted game files: Changing the game’s files can corrupt them, rendering the game unplayable.
  • Malware: Malware or other dangerous software may be present in third-party programs that perform the glitch.

The Bottom Line

The Lego Fortnite glitch is a dangerous method of obtaining Lego skins and XP before they are officially published.

However, you can perform the glitch by following and executing the procedure carefully.

Therefore, if you decide to utilize the glitch, make a backup of your game files beforehand.

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