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Suicide Run Mission In Suicide Squad: Locate Doctor Happerson

Suicide Run is one of the mid-game missions in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which develops an interesting storyline.

Players must complete a variety of subquests during this mission to unlock the final cutscene.

However, some players are struggling toward the later stages of the mission due to some navigation issues.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the Suicide Run mission in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Run Mission In Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a game with lots of characters and cutscenes that constitute the main story.

Similarly, one of the missions called Suicide Run appears during the later stages of the game.

Suicide run Suicide squad
The gameplay of the Suicide Run mission in Suicide Squad.

The objective of this mission is for players to find the Lexcorp weapons in the huge Lexcorp building.

However, they must complete other sub-quests that precede the main quest to unlock the main quest.

In total, there are three quests during the Suicide Run mission. They are:

  • Defeat 30 shielded enemies including a Helicopter.
  • Reach Doctor Happerson after unlocking the Lexcorp door.
  • Interact with the doctor to learn about the weapons.
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How To Complete The Suicide Run Mission In Suicide Squad?

As soon as players start the mission, they will spawn in the vicinity of the Lexcorp building.

Additionally, the shielded enemies surround the area, forcing players to engage in combats.

To defeat these aliens, players must use melee attacks to break their shields, making them vulnerable to damage.

In total, they must defeat 30 such enemies including an attack Helicopter that spawns in the sky.

destroying helicopter suicide squad
Destroying Helicopter using the gun during the Suicide Run mission.

Afterward, players must interact with the security pin lock near the door to unlock the next quest.

Now, players must locate Doctor Happerson who is located on the 50th floor of the building.

Players must use Harley Quinn‘s grapple hook and drone to quickly ascend the top of the building.

Finally, the rest of the mission is full of cutscenes, meaning players can stand back and watch.

Tips To Complete The Suicide Run Mission In Suicide Squad

Here are a few tips to help players easily complete the mission in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League:

  1. While dealing with the shielded aliens, pick those who are separated from the horde for easier kills.
  2. To deal with the helicopter, maintain distance and chip away at its health by using the gun.
  3. Ascend the Lexcorp building from the left side to reach the 50th floor faster.
using grapple hook in suicide run
The use of a grappling hook and drone is important to ascend during the Suicide Run mission.
  1. Balance using Harley’s drone and grappling hook to avoid falling from the building.
  2. Learn the layout of the Lexcorp Buiding before climbing it to avoid confusion.

Rewards After Completing The Suicide Run Mission

Here is a series of rewards that players can unlock after completing the Suicide Run Mission:

  • Unlocks new crafting recipes at Penguins Workshop.
  • LX-12 Gamechanger rare heavy weapon.
  • Lx-G1 Value Add rare shield mod.
  • Unlocks mission: Where’s Ivy

Why Is The Suicide Run Mission Already Shown As Complete?

Many players are reporting that their mission already shows the status as ‘complete’ before playing it.

This issue has enraged the entire community as they waited hours to download and play the game.

However, players can rest easy as it is a known bug in the game that is undergoing maintenance.

deve respond to mission issue in suicide squad
Devs address the ongoing mission issue in Suicide Squad on their X account.

In fact, the devs have taken to the official Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s X account to address this issue.

But players have no option but to play the mission as it is until the devs fix it on the next patch.

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