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How To Make Granite Slab In Lego Fortnite Using Stone Breaker?

Lego Fortnite allows players to convert raw materials into processed items, and one such example is the Granite Slab.

In fact, the Granite Slab is a durable material that is craftable after players collect the marbles from the cave.

In Lego Fortnite, players can make the Granite Slab after they construct the Stone Breaker and unlock the Granite Slab recipe. However, the Stone Breaker can only be constructed after they craft a Knotrood Rod in the Lumber Mill.

Continue reading this article to learn how to make a Granite Slab in Lego Fortnite.

Introduction To Granite Slab In Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite provides many ways for players to interact with the world to craft new materials.

Similarly, one such material is the Granite Slab that players can make after collecting marble.

The Granite Slab is a durable material that players can use to construct different structures in the game.

Granite Slab icon
This is the in-game icon of the Granite Slab in Lego Fortnite

To make a Granite Slab, players must enter a cave and farm some Marble using a pickaxe.

Then, they must crush the acquired Marble using the Stone Breaker to collect Granite.

Finally, they can use the Granite to make the Granite slab using the Stone Breaker.

However, players must construct a Lumber mill and get a Knotroot rod to construct the Stone Breaker.

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How To Construct The Stone Breaker In Lefo Fortnite?

There are many steps that players must follow to construct a Stone Breaker in Lego Fortnite. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must collect 8 pieces of wood and 15 granite to construct a lumber mill.
  2. Secondly, they should use the Lumber Mill to convert the wood into wooden planks.
  3. Thirdly, they must upgrade their crafting bench by collecting shells from the Rollers.
  4. Then, an uncommon axe must be crafted using the bench to farm for the Knotroot.
  5. Afterward, players must travel inside the cave and farm the Knotroot using the new axe.
  6. Consequently, they must construct a Knotroot rod from the Knotroot by using the Lumber Mill.
  7. Similarly, players must farm marble inside the cave using the uncommon pickaxe to make The Stone Breaker.
Stone Breaker Lego fortnite
The fully constructed Stone Breaker in Lego Fortnite.
  1. Players should have at least 20 knot root and 35 marbles to construct it.

How To Use The Stone Breaker To Make Granite Slabs?

After making the Stone Breaker, players must learn how to use it in the game.

In fact, using it is very straightforward, as players just need to put the right materials into it.

Firstly, players can interact with the Stone Breaker by pressing their assigned interaction key.

Secondly, they must only put the Marble inside the machine from the inventory to crush it.

In doing so, players can convert the marbles into Granites- the core material for making Granite Slabs.

Picking Granite slab recipe
Creating the granite slab using its recipe in the Stone Breaker

Then, players must pick the Granite Slab recipe out of two given options alongside the marble slab.

Finally, they can put the Granite in the Stone Breaker to make some Granite Slabs.

Also, players should note that one granite slab is granter per a granite piece.

The Bottom Line

Granite Slab is one of the most durable items in Lego Fortnite, as it can be easily used to make defensive structures for your village.

However, players must learn about all the prerequisites required to acquire the Granite Slab hence an online guide is suggested.

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