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Loud Potion In Bloxburg: Learn How To Make It

If you are a fan of Welcome to Bloxburg, you might be interested in learning more about the loud potion.

It is a quest that involves making a potion with something loud as an ingredient as part of the Halloween update.

The loud potion in Bloxburg is a quest given by Sabrina to make different potions. You need to make it to get the ultimate potion. Therefore, you can make it with an electric guitar or baby rattle. 

In this article, we will explain the loud potion, how to make it, and its effects and benefits in Bloxburg.

Loud Potion In Bloxburg

Loud potion is a type of potion that you can make in Bloxburg.

Sabrina, a witch living in a haunted house asks you to make for her during the Halloween event.

However, it is the easiest one to make, as you only need something that makes a lot of noise, such as a baby rattle or a trumpet.

You need a loud potion to make the ultimate potion.  The ultimate potion is a rare and powerful item that can make your gameplay more fun and exciting. 

It can give you various effects, such as turning you into a ghost, a skeleton, or a pumpkin.  Further, it makes you fly, teleport, or become invisible. 

Sabrina asks you to make the potion.

How To Make The Ultimate Potion?

You can obtain the ultimate potion in the Halloween update of Welcome to Bloxburg.

It is the final reward for completing all of Sabrina’s quests.

Follow the steps below to make the ultimate potion:

  1. First, find the Potion Recipe Book, hidden in the barn at the Plenty Of Pumpkins & Orchard.
  2. Then, climb up the ladder and look for a bookshelf.
  3. Next, bring the book to Sabrina; she will tell you she needs some time to transcribe the book and ask you to return later.
come back later
Sabrina asks you to come back later.
  1. After a while, talk to Sabrina again, and she will give you a list of options that you need to make.
  2. Find the ingredient and bring it to the cauldron behind Sabrina’s stand; stir the cauldron and wait for the potion to be ready.
  3. After making all four potions, you must bring them back to Sabrina.

Finally, she will tell you that you have completed her quests and reward you with the ultimate potion.

The ultimate potion has a random effect when you drink it. It can make you fly, turn invisible, grow bigger or smaller, or change your appearance. You can drink it as often as you want, but be careful about the side effects.

How To Make Loud Potion In Bloxburg?

To make the loud potion, you need to find something that makes a lot of noise and put it in the cauldron.

One possible item you can use is a baby rattle, a toy that babies play with. It makes a rattling sound when you shake it.

You can find a baby rattle in the nursery section of the Build Mode. 

In the Build Mode, you can buy furniture and decorations for your house.

The nursery section has items for babies and children, such as cribs, toys, and books.

You can buy a baby rattle for $10 and place it in your inventory.

Then, you can go to Sabrina’s stand and click on the cauldron.

loud potion bloxburg
Go to Sabrina’s stand.

A menu will pop up that shows you the items in your inventory.

You can drag and drop the baby rattle into the cauldron and click on the brew button.

The cauldron will start bubbling and make a loud noise.

After a few seconds, the loud potion will be ready, and you can collect it from the cauldron.

The loud potion will make your character scream very loudly.

How To Use The Loud Potion?

You can see the name and description of the potion in your inventory.

The loud potion has a yellow color and says This potion will make you scream louder than ever before.

You can drink the loud potion by clicking on it in your inventory and selecting the drink option.

The loud potion will make your character scream very loudly every few seconds for a short period of time.

This can be fun or annoying, depending on how you use it.

You can also trade the loud potion with other players or sell it back to Sabrina for $50.

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The Bottom Line

Loud potion Bloxburg is a quest that requires the player to make a potion with something loud as an ingredient in Bloxburg.

Players can make the loud potion with an electric guitar or any power tool; it can be found in various locations in the game world.

It is one of the four potions that the player needs to make to get the ultimate potion, which has a random effect when consumed.

Contrarily, the loud and ultimate potions are fun and rewarding items that add more excitement and challenge to the game.

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