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Is Metal Smelter Lego Fortnite Necessary For Upgrading Village?

A crucial item stands out in the Lego Fortnite world, where survival relies on inventive and crafting skills, isMetal Smelter.

Players in Lego Fortnite, still familiarizing themselves with the game, easily get resources like wood from across the map.

Metal Smelter in Lego Fortnite is where the metals such as iron and copper are melted. Furthermore, these melted metals create iron and metal bars necessary for upgrading the village.

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Where To Find Metal Smelter?

To get Metal Smelter, first, you need to get Brightcore. Here are some steps to make a metal smelter from Brightcore:

  1. Begin by venturing into the Desert Biome, specifically exploring caves within this area.
  2. Be prepared for monsters inside the caves, so arm yourself with a weapon.
  3. Brightcore is often nestled within these caverns, aided by hot springs that facilitate their discovery.
  4. While navigating the caves, watch for golden chunks on the walls containing the coveted Brightcore.
  5. Collect Snowberries to endure the heat emitting from the desert.
  6. Stay cautious and be ready to run if powerful enemies approach, ensuring the preservation of your progress.
  7. With sufficient Brightcore, finally, craft the Metal Smelter and use it to forge metals into bars in Lego Fortnite.
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Why Is Metal Smelter Necessary In Lego Fortnite?

Metal Smelter is necessary to craft Iron and Copper bars which are necessary to upgrade a village.

Upgrading the village Lego Fortnite.
Players are upgrading the village in Lego Fortnite.

This process of crafting the bars is below:

1. Craft Copper Bars Using Metal Smelter Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, crafting Copper Bars involves utilizing the Metal Smelter.

Players need to input one piece of Copper and two Brightcores into the smelter to create a Copper Bar.

Brightcore, found in the same Caves in the desert biome where Copper is obtained, is acquired from bright orange ores.

However, obtaining Brightcore from these ores is more challenging since they typically appear closer to the lava far from reach.

Finally, players can craft copper bars if they follow all of these instructions.

2. Craft Iron Bars Using Metal Smelter

Similar to the copper in Lego Fortnite, iron undergoes the melting process within the Metal Smelter.

Crafting iron bars is time-consuming, requiring the introduction of two Brightcore units into the smelter for breakdown.

Copper Bar in Lego Fortnite
Players can get the copper bar by smelting the copper.

Moreover, repeating this procedure multiple times is crucial for various crafting recipes.

Therefore, be ready to embark on several trips to the snowy mountains, gather iron, and transport it back to your village.

The Bottom Line

In Lego Fortnite, the Smelter serves as an important item for melting metals like iron and copper.

In addition, crafting Copper and Iron bars using the Metal Smelter is essential for upgrading the village.

This process demands obtaining Brightcore from the desert biome’s caves and navigating challenging environments.

Finally, Metal Smelter is not just for crafting; it’s a key element in the game since mastering its use for progress seems necessary.

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