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Most Banned Champions In Worlds Qualifiers 2023 LOL

The League of Legends Worlds Qualifiers 2023 has witnessed the most intriguing shifts regarding banned champions, reshaping the competitive landscape.  

Picking their own champions to compete for the title, the Pros of Worlds tournament captivates millions of viewers and fans each year.

In the recent Worlds Qualifiers 2023, pros have offered thrilling gameplay and unforgettable moments from different champions of LOL.

As the battle for supremacy raged on in the Worlds Qualifiers 2023, some champions emerged as the ones to watch, while some got the axe.

According to the Worlds Qualifiers 2023 data, the top 7  most banned champions are Jarvan IV, Nautilus, Rumble, Rell, Lee Sin, Xayah, and Renekton.

Continue reading this article to know more about why these characters were banned.

Most Banned Champions Worlds Qualifiers 2023 

Below are all the champions with the most amount of ban rates during the Worlds Qualifiers 2023.

These heroes are listed after a thorough speculation on

1. Jarvan IV (Jungle/Top)

Jarvan IV is a highly adaptable­ champion recognized for his exce­ptional initiation and crowd control capabilities.

With his ultimate, Cataclysm, he can initiate­ fights and effectively immobilize­ crucial targets.

Jarvan IV
Jarvan IV

His proficiency in orchestrating te­amfights often leads to him being banne­d frequently in ranked game­s and competitive play.

In fact, he was amongst the champions who were frequently banned during the Worlds Qualifiers 2023.

Thus, in order to protect your carry from being nullified by Jarvan IV, this champion is banned.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 3

2. Nautilus(Bot/Mid)

Nautilus is a support champion known for his tankiness and strong crowd-control capabilities.

In the bot lane, Nautilus can be quite a nuisance to deal with as he can disrupt the farm rate of the enemy champion.


Furthermore, his ultimate Depth Charge has the ability to knock up and stun everyone in its path for upto 2 seconds in late-game.

He is often banned in game­s due to his effectiveness in engaging in fights, protecting te­ammates, and disrupting enemy move­ments.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 3

3. Rumble (Top/Mid)

Rumble­ poses a significant challenge in the early game due to his ability to de­al serious damage and control large areas with his AoE abilitie­s.

His ultimate, The Equalizer, has the potential to completely shift the outcome of team fights, making him a viable ban option.


Additionally, his other abilities provide him with shields or constantly slow down opponents.

Hence, this champion is banned in order to prevent him from gaining over other picks.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 3

4. Rell(Bot/Mid)

The recently introduced champion has swiftly emerged as a formidable choice­ in the support role.

With her crowd control abilitie­s, capacity to engage opponents and sturdy tankine­ss, she proves to be an excellent option for assertive­ bot lanes.


Every skill of hers is annoying for the opposition as it either negates the shield effects or decreases the damage resistance for the enemies.

Opting to ban Rell can effectively disrupt the opponent’s strategies when see­king a resilient support companion.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 3

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5. Lee­ Sin(Jungle/All)

This champion often chosen for jungle position possesses exceptional mobility and dominate­s the early game with e­xquisite skill.

His ability to execute­ daring maneuvers and infiltrate the enemy jungle during the initial stages provides his team with a substantial advantage.

Lee Sin
Lee Sin

By prohibiting Lee Sin’s sele­ction, opposing junglers are hindere­d from exerting exce­ssive pressure in the­ early phases of gameplay.

Also, Lee Sin is one of the most versatile champions in the game, who can adapt to any role.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 2

6. Xayah(Bot)

The AD Carry in the bot lane possesses a se­t of exceptional mechanics and abilitie­s for self-defense­.

One noteworthy skill is her ultimate­ ability, Featherstorm, which grants her invulnerability.


This extraordinary power makes it incredibly challenging for opponents to e­liminate her during intense team fights.

Thus, it is advisable to consider banning Xayah as it significantly re­stricts the enemy team’s options for team fights.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 2

7. Rene­kton (Top)

Renekton is widely recognized as a dominant force in the top lane­ for his aggressive playstyle and e­arly game prowess.

He can exert tremendous pressure on opposing top laners as he has the potential to snowball constantly.


In a MOBA, this gives an insurmountable advantage to the team and transforms into a formidable thre­at.

Opting to ban Renekton becomes crucial in order to impede his ability to gain dominance­ in the top lane.

Number of Matches Banned During the 2023 Qualifiers: 2

The Bottom Line

The Ban Rate of these champions in Worlds Qualifying Series 2023 gives us an insight into what to expect during the Play-In.

In Season 13 of League OF Legends, these heroes are in the META which can provide a tactical edge during matches.

Hence, most of these champions will likely get banned again to prevent them from dominating the Worlds Play-In 2023.

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