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Should You Deal With The Crimson Fleet Captain?

Starfield is a single-player open-world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

The game is set in space in the 22nd century and allows players to explore planets and interact with various factions as space explorers.

The Crimson Fleet Captain is one of the interesting characters you will deal with in the game.

In Starfield, you can deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain by navigating a  path of choices – from confronting them with overwhelming force to attempting persuasive diplomacy. The choice is yours.

In this article, we will discuss who is the Crimson Fleet Captain and how to deal with it.

Who Is The Crimson Fleet Captain?

The Crimson Fleet is one of the largest and most notorious pirate organizations operating in the Settled Systems at the time of Starfield.

Little is known about the Captain’s background or origins, as they have gone to great lengths to keep their true identity a secret.

Under the Captain’s command, the Crimson Fleet has carved out a vast criminal empire spanning multiple systems.

No ship or settlement is safe from the Crimson Fleet’s depredations.

Any system that has dared oppose them has faced swift and devastating retaliation.

Despite the Captain’s fearsome reputation, little else is known about who they are behind the mask.

Where Can You Find The Crimson Fleet Captain?

Here are the key locations where encounters with the Crimson Fleet Captain may occur:

Space Station In The Krix System

The Crimson Fleet’s primary headquarters and shipyard is a heavily fortified space station located in the Krix system.

This is where the Captain is most likely to be found overseeing operations and issuing orders to their lieutenants.

Attempting to infiltrate the station would be an extremely dangerous and difficult task.

Crimson Outpost Theta

One of the Crimson Fleet’s largest outposts, located on the surface of an airless moon in the Hera system.

The Captain has been known to visit the outpost to inspect defenses, conduct business deals or punish underlings.

On Board The Dreadnought

The Captain’s personal flagship and most powerful warship in the Crimson Fleet armada.

A massive capital ship bristling with weapons.

Intercepting the Dreadnought would be suicidal without overwhelming force.

Uncharted Systems

It’s possible the Captain may be found exploring uncharted frontier systems, looking to expand Crimson Fleet operations into new territories and resources.

Tracking the Dreadnought’s movements could provide clues to potential new systems being scouted or targeted for invasion.

Underworld Contacts

The Captain maintains a network of illicit contacts in the criminal underworld across the systems.

Meeting with these contacts personally to conduct secret business deals is another potential opportunity to engage the elusive pirate leader.

Should You Deal With The Crimson Fleet Captain Or Persuade Him?

There are two main options when encountering them – deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain through force or attempt persuasion and diplomacy.

deal with crimson fleet
You can either deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain through force or attempt persuasion and diplomacy.

Both approaches carry significant risks:

Fighting the Captain directly would require overwhelming firepower.

The Captain is a formidable fighter and will have a contingent of heavily armed guards at their side at all times.

Attempting lethal force could ignite an all-out war with the entire Crimson Fleet armada.

Even succeeding in killing the Captain may not destroy the Fleet itself, which could splinter and cause even more chaos across the frontier in the power vacuum.

Persuasion is a risky gamble but may yield better long-term results if successful.

persuade captain crimson
Persuasion is a risky gamble but may yield better long-term results if successful.

With the right incentives or leverage, it may be possible to strike a deal – such as gaining safe passage or a non-aggression pact in exchange for valuable resources, technology, or information.

However, the Crimson Fleet Captain is also cunning and untrustworthy and to deal with them is a task.

They will undoubtedly try to manipulate any situation to their advantage through coercion, blackmail or betrayal.

Relying on their word could end in disaster if the persuasion fails.

Overall, open conflict should only be an absolute last resort.

Covert persuasion may offer a preferable alternative if a compelling bargain or leverage can be found – but it requires navigating a political minefield and the Captain’s fickle and dangerous nature.

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How To Attack The Crimson Fleet Captain?

If all other options fail and direct confrontation becomes inevitable, here are some tactics that may provide the best chance of defeating the Crimson Fleet Captain in combat:

1. Boarding Action

Rather than a straight ship-to-ship battle, launch boarding pods to infiltrate the Dreadnought covertly.

A small elite team could then hunt the Captain amid the chaos of close-quarters combat on their own ship.

2. Sabotage 

Weaken the Dreadnought and its defenses through pre-battle sabotage.

Plant explosives, viruses, or engineering faults to cripple systems and crew during combat. Make the ship and crew vulnerable to a finishing blow.

3. Ambush 

Lure the Captain into a carefully planned trap.

Feint retreats to draw them into an ambush point, such as an asteroid field for cover, with interdictors to trap the Dreadnought.

Spring the trap for maximum surprise and focused fire.

4. Non-Lethal Tactics

Stun, incapacitate or capture the Captain alive if possible rather than outright killing them.

Taking the leader alive could cripple the Fleet’s morale and command structure for interrogation or leverage.

5. No Quarter

If all else fails, unleash overwhelming and relentless firepower focused solely on the Dreadnought with the goal of destroying it utterly.

Leave no chance of the Captain or ship surviving the onslaught.

crimson fleet deal with
Successfully persuading gives you the opportunity to manipulate or control the Captain through the relationship potentially.

Benefits Of Killing And Persuading The Crimson Fleet Captain

The benefits of killing the Crimson Fleet Captain are:

  • Removes the single individual coordinating and directing the Crimson Fleet’s criminal operations. This greatly affects its leadership, organization and ability to function cohesively.
  • Sends a message that even the most powerful criminal factions are not untouchable and face retribution for their illegal activities terrorizing the frontier.
  • Eliminates the Captain as a direct threat. No longer will they be actively plotting attacks, sabotage or retaliation against those who oppose them. Removes a major destabilizing influence.

The benefits of persuading the Crimson Fleet Captain are:

  • Potentially ends the Crimson Fleet’s hostilities through a truce or non-aggression pact, reducing the loss of innocent lives and resources better spent elsewhere.
  • Allows monitoring and control of the Fleet’s activities through the negotiated terms of any agreement.
  • Establishes contact and intel on the Fleet’s operations, members, and future plans.
  • Opportunity to potentially manipulate or control the Captain through the relationship. This may lead to weakening or dismantling the Fleet over time through influence and diplomacy.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, directly engaging the enigmatic and dangerous Crimson Fleet Captain is an extremely risky proposition that should only be an absolute last resort.

Open warfare with such a powerful and well-armed criminal organization could have devastating consequences for innocent lives across the frontier systems.

Covert persuasion and diplomacy may offer preferable alternatives if you can find a compelling bargain or leverage against the Captain.

However, any dealings with such an untrustworthy and self-interested individual must be handled with great care and caution.

If persuasion fails, reliance on the Captain’s word could end in betrayal and disaster.

With patience and planning, it may become possible to dismantle the Crimson Fleet’s power and influence from the shadows, neutralizing them as a threat without outright confrontation.

Happy Gaming!

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