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More Company: Lethal Company 20 Player Mod

Players can use a 20 player mod to enhance their gaming experience in Lethal Company.

Furthermore, many other mods are available for the players that enhance the gaming experience for the game.

Players can download the More Company mod from and install the necessary files to increase the base party size of four to a whooping twenty in Lethal Company.
This article discusses the 20 player mod and its installation process in Lethal Company.

What Is The 20-Player Mod In Lethal Company?

Players can use various mods to increase the party size of Lethal Company.

Currently, the game allows four players to join in on any lobby.

However, with mods, players can get the party size of up to 20 players.

use mods to increase party size
Players can increase the party size in lethal company using various mods.

Furthermore, some available mods can extend that party size to a whooping 32 players.

Players are using these mods to circumvent the fact that the game only allows four players and enhances their gaming experience.

In addition, the modding community for Lethal Company is also pushing out various mods with different features for the players.

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How To Install 20 Player Mod In Lethal Company?

The 20-player mod available for Lethal Company is “More Company.”

This mod increases the max player cap to 20 and allows players to have fun with their friends.

Here is a guide on installing the 20-player mod for Lethal Company:

  1. First, head on to “” This page acts as the mod provider for Lethal Company.
    lethal company 20 player mod page
    More company mod page for lethal company.
  2. Then, players will see all the necessary files they must download on the website.
  3. Players can download a mod manager or the entire mod manually.
  4. Then, players must also download BeplnEx version 5.4.2100 for the mod to run smoothly.
  5. Players must download the LC API and the mod itself from the website.
  6. The BeplnExpack will act as the primary source of running the mod for the game.
  7. Then, players must head to their game files on Steam to include the mod files in the game files.
  8. Players must extract all the files inside the mod files and then shift them into the game files.
    extract 20 player mod file lethal company
    Extract and install all mod files into the Steam game file.
  9. Then, players must first place the plugins and bundle subfolders from the More Company mod into the BeplnEx folder.
  10. Lastly, they must move the LC API.dll file alongside the MoreCompany.dll file into the BeplnEx plugins folder.

After these steps, the players can have a maximum party count of 20.

Furthermore, if the players install the Bigger lobby mod, this can extend up to a part size of 32.

However, there is an issue with the More Company mod as it does not accommodate the UI for the player count of more than 8.

But, with the Bigger lobby mod, players can bypass this issue, and they will be able to get a UI that works great for the entire party.

Note: Since the mod files will change the integrity of the game files in Steam, there is a slim chance that players may trigger a ban wave for themselves and their players. However, this is unlikely for most of the players. Thus, players should use these mods with caution.

The Bottom Line

The mods in any game tend to change up a lot of the features that players may not like or want to get added to the game.

However, players should use mods with caution and scan for malware upon uninstallation.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in installing the 20-player mod for Lethal Company.

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