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Bigger Lobby Mod: Lethal Company 12 Player Mod

In Lethal Company, players can now elevate their gaming experience by using the mod to play with up to 12 players.

Players can now open a world of possibilities for collaborative scrap searching by installing the Bigger Lobby mod.

With the installation of the Bigger lobby mod, players can enjoy playing with several players and expand their Lethal Company crew.

Players can now install the 12-player mod for Lethal Company by opening and downloading the Bigger Lobby mod, the LC Api Mod, and the BepInEx 5.4.22 mod.

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Unlocking The Potential: Lethal Company  Bigger Lobby Mod

In the default gameplay of Lethal Company, players can only experience the classic four-player lobby.

However, by using the bigger lobby mod, players can have a better gaming experience by increasing the lobby player count.

Similarly, upon installing the Bigger Lobby mod, players can expand their lobby player count to 12.

Bigger Lobby For Lethal Company 12 Player Mod
Players can download the BiggerLobby to play along with 12 more players.

The more players in the lobby, the more exciting and challenging the gameplay will be, as it adds more chaos and fun.

Moreover, players can simply use this Mod as it is user-friendly and only requires a few steps to set it up.

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Lethal Company: Step By Step Installation Guide For 12 Players Mod 

Players can install the Bigger Lobby mod to enjoy playing with 12 other players in their lobby to make the game more interesting.

Similarly, players must download several installation mods to get the complete package to begin the installation.

Players can follow these steps to install the bigger lobby mod to enjoy playing with 12 players.

Copying Downloaded Mods files to Game Folder In Lethal Company
A player is copying the mod files to the lethal company game folder.
  1. Firstly, visit, the mod page for Lethal Company Bigger Lobby.
  2. You can see the necessary files to download the mod upon visiting the page.
  3. You must download all three different mod files Bigger Lobby Mod, the LC API mod and the BepInEx 5.44.22 mod.
  4. Likewise, after downloading these mods, you have to include these mods in the game folder.
  5. Then, navigate to your Lethal Company game folder using Steam and drag these three mod files to the folder.
  6. After placing these mod files in your game folder, you must extract each mod folder and arrange its contents properly.
  7. You must place the Plugins and bundle subfolders from the Bigger Lobby mod into the BepInEx folder.
  8. Then you must move the LC API.dll file into the main BepInEx Plugins folder.

Finally, after performing all these steps correctly, players can enjoy the BiggerLobby mod and play with 12 other players.

Expanding  Player Count: MoreCompany Mod For Lethal Company

Players can also opt for the bigger game mod to play with more than 12 players for scrap hunting.

Similarly, choosing the Lethal Company More Company Mod can support up to 32 players in a single lobby.

Here are some of the steps to increase the player count to 32:

  1. Firstly, visit and download the BepInEx Pack.
  2. Additionally, download the MoreCompany mod.
  3. Further, install the BepInExPack framework by moving its contents to the game folder.
  4. For the MoreCompany mod, you must place the MoreCompany.dll file into the BepInEx/plugins folder.
  5. Finally, after ensuring all players have installed these modes, you can invite them to join your extended crew.
 Start the Lethal Company From Steam
Players can start the Lethal Company game from the steam.

Thus, you no can host a new lobby from Steam, set the maximum number of players, invite your friends and enjoy the game.

The Bottom Line

Players can now bring a thrill to their scrap hunting experience by inviting their friends with 12 Player Game mod.

Introducing the 12-player Game mod has created excitement for the players for their more extensive group adventures.

In conclusion, whether you choose Bigger Lobby Mod for 12 players or MoreCompany Mod for 32 players, you will enjoy the experience.

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