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Monsters With Stalker Behavior In Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players encounter various monsters when exploring different planets in search for Scrap.

These monsters have unique abilities and behaviors to appear randomly on the ship.

There are two monsters with Stalker behavior In Lethal Company, Bracken and Coil-Head. Stalking abilities make them very powerful, however, players can tackle them while making eye contact, using a stun grenade or coordinating with friends.

Continue reading to learn more about Monsters with Stalker behavior and how to deal with them in Lethal Company.

Who Are Monsters In Lethal Company?

The monsters in Lethal Company are creatures who spawn randomly and follow you while exploring the moon.

These monsters have the ability to just disappear from one place and appear in the next.

Likewise, catching them in the game is difficult as they have multiple powers and can attack you.

Stalker in lethal company
Bracken is a monster with stalking behavior who appears in Lethal Company.

Further, these creatures have unique behaviors that differentiate them from each other.

Some behaviors that Monsters in Lethal Company have are:

  • Stalking
  • Roaming
  • Charging
  • Haunting/Chasing
  • Sprinting
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Stalker Monsters In Lethal Company

Some monsters have the ability to stalk their prey, among other abilities.

Two stalker monsters in Lethal Company are explained in detail below:

1. Bracken

Bracken is a dangerous monster who appears randomly inside the building and walks around stalking you.

You can easily spot Bracken with their glowing eyes in the dark to avoid them.

Likewise, it is highly aggressive even when unprovoked and can instantly kill you.

Bracken Stalker monster in Lethal Company
The Bracken monster is red in color with distinct glowing eyes.

Further, it will follow you and sneak around in an attempt to kill you if you look at it for too long.

However, an instant stare at them can help avoid them for a while as they run away from fear.

2. Coil-Head

Coil heads appear as a bloody mannequin with a screaming head connected to a spring.

They have stalking behavior to follow you around while you’re inside the building.

Coil head stalker monster in Lethal Company
Coil-head monster is a mannequin-like creature with the head attached to a spring.

They are very powerful and move toward you fast to kill you unless you make eye contact to freeze them.

How To Deal With These Stalking Monsters In Lethal Company?

Bracken monsters get frightened when you look at them quickly but can attack you if you stare continuously for 4-5 seconds.

The best way to deal with Bracken is to be aware when they are around, avoid them and exit from there.

When you get killed by Bracken, he drags the body to the farthest room from the exit. 

On the contrary, the Coil heads do not attack you as long as you’re looking at them.

So, the best way to conquer them is not to fight but to make visual contact with them.

You can also use Stun grenades to disable Coil heads temporarily.

Furthermore, coil heads are easy to deal with in a team. You can make a strategy to look at them turn by turn and run towards the exit.

Likewise, your head will be replaced by a coil when the Coil-head monster kills you.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the two monsters in Lethal Company with stalker abilities are Bracken and Coil-Head.

They both are very powerful and can kill you instantly until you use some strategies.

To deal with these monsters, you can team up with your friends and stay together while they stalk you.

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