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Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working Issue

Some players have reported their Lethal Company jetpack is not working while traveling around the moons.

It becomes a difficult task for players to travel around the moons without a jetpack.

In Lethal Company, several players have reported issues with the jetpack not working because the jetpack seems to blow up when it overheats and can no longer use it. Similarly, players can keep an eye on the Jetpack’s temperature gauge to prevent this issue.

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Jetpack In Lethal Company

Like several other items in the game, players can buy the jetpack and explore the several planets in Lethal Company.

Similarly, a jetpack is one of the most interesting items that players can equip as it lets players soar through the skies.

Likewise, players can easily acquire this interesting item by buying it from the store inside the ship’s terminal.

Moreover, players can buy this tool for about 700 credits only, to allow them to travel fast across large distances.

Jetpack in Lethal Company
A player witnessing his friend soaring in the sky using a jetpack.

As this tool can defy gravity and set players high in the sky, it is now an easy task for players to travel around the map easily.

However, it is one of the most expensive items to buy from the store, players must collect enough credits to buy it.

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How To Use The JetPack Effectively In Lethal Company?

The real thrill only starts after the player equips the jetpack from the store in the ship’s terminal.

Moreover, players can only take flights to the skies after they learn how to use the jetpack efficiently in the game.

So, to effectively navigate through the jetpack, players have to learn two basics.

One is to learn that a left click on the mouse button starts the thruster, and another is that a space bar is used to hover around.

Moreover, players can use corresponding keys to their movement to move forward or backward with a jetpack. 

Upon learning this combination, players can effortlessly explore the enigmatic world of Lethal Company soaring through heights.

Potential Cause For Jetpack Not Working

With the help of a jetpack, players can explore the map of the lethal company by visiting outer space and reaching high places.

However, overusing the jetpack during their exploration can overheat the jetpack leading towards its failure.

If players provide a heavy load on the jetpack and overuse the jetpack to navigate, there is a chance that it may stop working.

Likewise, at some point, the jetpack would reach its limit and can no longer take the players to the heights.

Using Jetpack In Lethal Company
A player has risen to heights using the jetpack.

Besides, it can also be a risky moment for the players, as they are uncertain about when the jetpack will explode.

The Lethal Company jetpack malfunction is likely to kill the players after its explosion.

To prevent this issue, players can keep on eyeing the jetpack’s temperature gauge to ensure the jetpack is in good condition.

Thus, exploring the world around you with the jetpack is actually fun but it comes with risks that players must consider.

The Bottom line

In Lethal Company, jetpacks open thrilling possibilities for players to explore the enigmatic world of Lethal Company quickly.

Acquiring the jetpack can cost the player enough credit in the game and it could explode, so they have to be mindful while buying it.

Moreover, the accessibility, mechanics, and cost of the jetpack have created noise around the gaming communities.

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