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Lethal Company Mimic: A New Enemy

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game that challenges players to scavenge at abandoned moons and sell scrap to the Company.

But the moons are not as empty as they seem, and players will have to face deadly enemies and traps.

One of the most terrifying enemies is the Mimic, who take the form of anything and anyone and attack when you least expect it.

In Lethal Company, Mimic is a new enemy that can take the form of anything and anyone and attack when you least expect it. To survive a Mimic attack, players must use their radar ping, look for subtle clues, listen carefully, shovel hit everything, and stick together.

In this article, we will explore the concept of Mimic, how it works, and how to survive it in the game.

Who Is Mimic In Lethal Company?

Mimic is a proposed new enemy type for Lethal Company.

According to some players’ suggestions, Mimic could be a player, a corpse, or an item.

Reddit post on mimic
Reddit post on mimic Lethal Company.

Moreover, it will attack unsuspecting players when they get close or pick it up.

Additionally, Mimic could use voice chat recordings to lure and scare other players.

Mimic will be very stealthy and deceptive, adding more tension and distrust among players.

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How To Survive Mimic Attack?

You can identify Mimic by subtle clues, such as shivering, moving slightly, or not showing up on radar pings.

However, Mimic has very little health, so the players can shovel-hit something that they suspect may be a mimic.

Here are some tips and tricks to spot and avoid Mimics in the game:

1. Use Your Radar Ping

 Mimics do not show up on radar pings. However, if you see something that looks like a player, a corpse, or an item but does not have a ping, it might be a Mimic.

use your Radar Ping
Use your Radar Ping to detect Mimic.

2. Look For Subtle Clues

Mimics are not perfect at imitating their forms; sometimes, they shiver or move slightly.

If you see something suspicious, look closely and see if it has any signs of life.

The item/corpse could also occasionally shift a bit.

3. Listen Carefully

Mimics can use voice chat recordings to lure and scare other players but cannot speak normally.

If you hear something like a distorted or repeated voice message, it might be a Mimic trying to trick you.

You can also hear Mimics make a hissing noise when they are nearby.

4. Shovel Hit Everything

Mimics have very little health, so you can quickly kill them with a shovel hit.

If you are unsure if something is a Mimic, just hit it with your shovel and see what happens.

Be careful; some items might explode or trigger alarms if you hit them.

kill mimic with shovel in Lethal Company
Use the shovel to kill the Mimic.

5. Stick Together

Mimics are more likely to attack lone players than groups, so it is safer to stay with your teammates.

You can also communicate with your teammates and confirm their identities.

If you see someone who looks like your teammate but does not respond to your messages or acts strangely, it might be a Mimic.

The Bottom Line

 Mimic is an excellent addition to Lethal Company and enhances the co-op horror experience.

Further, Mimic adds more tension and distrust among players, as they have to be careful of what they see and hear.

In conclusion, Lethal Company is a co-op horror game that offers a thrilling and immersive experience for players who enjoy scavenging, survival, and teamwork. 

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