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Lethal Company Stuck On Random Seed: Error Solution

There are multiple reports regarding the issue of Lethal Company being stuck on a random seed while opening the game.

Many users have taken it to several gaming community forums and are actively seeking a solution to fix this issue.

Facing issues like being stuck on a random seed halts the game’s progress and prevents players from enjoying the Lethal Company.

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Lethal Company Stuck On Random Seed Problem

Many users have reported in various gaming communities and forums regarding the Lethal Company’s Stuck on Random Seed Issue.

Players are experiencing The Stuck on Random Seed Issue usually while launching the Lethal Company.

Similarly, these issues appear specifically when generating the world and displaying the seed in Lethal Company.

Moreover, some reports suggest that this error occurs whenever players are loading into one of the lobbies for launching the ship.

Lethal Company Stuck On Random Seed
Many players have reported experiencing the error while launching the game.

Players find themselves stuck at this screen and cannot progress further into the game because of this error.

While the exact cause of this issue is still unknown, players have experienced this issue while playing the modded maps.

Additionally, tt seems to be more dominant when attempting to launch game modes like Experimentation.

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Possible Causes For Being Stuck On Random Seed

The exact reasons for causing this issue are still unknown as they may vary regarding different circumstances.

Likewise, several factors can contribute to the “stuck on random seed” glitch in Lethal Company.

Here are some of the potential possible causes for the Stuck on Random Seed Issue:

1. Modded Maps

While looking at the discussion in various communities, the main culprit for this issue is the Modded Maps.

Multiple players have reported that they are encountering this issue mainly while using the modded maps in Lethal Company.

Players have suggested that certain mods or custom content may be incompatible so it is causing conflict with game mechanics.

2. Multiplayer Connectivity

The multiplayer connectivity is another potential cause for facing the Stuck On Random Seed.

Similarly, the problem may arise when trying to play the Multiplayer mode in Lethal Company.

Especially players can encounter this issue while trying to connect to a server or host a game with friends.

Subsequently, Network issues or server settings sometimes potentially interfere with the game’s loading progress.

3. Game Mode Specifics

Several reports are suggesting that some of the Game modes might be the potential cause for this issue.

Experimentation mode seems to be particularly prone to this issue, although it is not exclusive to this mode.

Players might encounter this issue because of the complexity of generating an experimental environment.

Generating the experimental environment in Lethal Company might trigger unexpected errors during the loading sequence.

Troubleshooting Stuck On Random Seed In Lethal Company

There’s always a solution to every problem, so let’s learn about the potential solutions to resolve the “stuck on random seed” problem.

Here is the list of potential troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue in Lethal Company:

1. Avoid Modded Moons

Many players have suggested avoiding modded moons while playing the Lethal Company.

They believe that avoiding the modded moons could potentially resolve the issue.

Avoid Modded Version Lethal Company
Players should avoid the modded version of Lethal Company to prevent this issue.

Moreover, you can stick to vanilla or official content such as Titan Moon, and check if the problem has been solved.

While this may not be the potential solution for players who enjoy modded gaming, it can be used as a temporary fix.

2. Singleplayer Vs. Multiplayer

Firstly, determine whether the issues occur both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

If the problem persists only in multiplayer sessions, consider troubleshooting your network connection.

You can verify your server settings or reach out to the server host for assistance.

3. Check For Updates

Ensure you have installed the latest update of the Lethal Company on your computer.

Similarly, ensure that your game client is up to date with the latest patches and hotfixes.

Installing updates might potentially resolve this issue as developers frequently release updates to address known issues.

4. Community And Contact Support

Players can also seek assistance from the Lethal company community forums or social media channels.

Other players might have encountered similar issues and could offer solutions for the players.

If all else fails, you can reach out to the game’s official support team for assistance.

Provide detailed information regarding your issue to help accelerate the troubleshooting process.

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