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Lethal Company V50 : Next Version Update

The gaming community is excited as Zeekerss hints at the significance of Update V50.

Moreover, the announcement of exciting additions sparked anticipation and speculation within the gaming community.

The Lethal Company promises to introduce new creatures and map variations in the upcoming V50 update.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lethal Company V50.

Lethal Company: Is There An Update 50?

Lethal Company keeps enhancing the game features and captivates its players with new updates.

Generally, the game is constantly updated with new content and improvements by the developer.

However, update V50 will be the greatest update of this year in the Lethal Company.

Zeekers annoucing the upcoming update on Twitter/X
Zeekerss announced the upcoming update V50 on Twitter/X.

Zeekers mentioned that in this update new creatures and variations are going to be added.

This means they are coming up with more moods, more entities, and Lasso man, which has been found in the beta version of the game.

However, there is no update 50 in Lethal Company yet; the latest update is version 47.

In Version 49, they have fixed some of the issues, adding improvements to the game.

Continue to learn more about what is version 49 and how to update from version 47 to 48 in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Latest Update Version

The recent update of Lethal Company is Version 47 which is officially announced by the game.

The version 47 update includes adjustments to fall damage, bug fixes, and many more.

The latest version is version 47 in Lethal Company
The latest version is version 47 in Lethal Company.

Here is the list of some improvements made in the version 47 update:

  • Faster Bunker spiders near death
  • Louder Coilhead footsteps
  • Longer Jester cranking
  • Shovels are 60% lighter
  • New Factory map hallway
  • Nutcrackers can aim while moving
  • Server tag feature for lobbies
  • Weekly challenge moons with leaderboards

As soon after the release of version 47, two quick fixes were put in place to fix bugs and balance problems.

However, these create confusion as these hotfixes and patches made the game’s version numbers jump from version 47 to 48.

The exact reason why the game updates to a new version number is unclear.

However, it seems like the game’s code automatically makes the version number higher after hotfixes.

When Is Update 50 Releasing On Lethal Company?

Developers often tirelessly bring fresh content and updates to their player base.

According to the developer, Zeekerss, they plan to update the game every week or two.

However, Zeekerss recently shared insights into their relentless dedication during the holidays.

For this reason, they announced a break from updating their game for some time.

Version 50 update will be availablel soon.
Zeekerss announcing Version 50 update will be available soon.

However, after the break, they are going to work on the Update V50.

You can follow their official Twitter account @Zeekerss for the latest news and updates on Lethal Company. 

Additionally, Zeekers posts teasers, previews, and polls on their Twitter account.

This entertains the players with a glimpse of what to expect in future updates.

However, they have not announced the release date for the version 50 update.

Fans Reaction Towards This Announcement

Lethal Company has set the gaming community ablaze with excitement by revealing the arrival of a new version update.

Players eagerly anticipate what this update might bring to the game, and the announcement has ignited a wave of speculation.

Moreover, the lack of specific details about the new version update has fueled a whirlwind of speculations among players. 

Hence, they eagerly await more details as developers have not mentioned the creature’s details and map variation.

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