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Boob Mod In Lethal Company

Lethal company releases many new female mods in different version updates, to enhance the player’s experience.

However, players can download this mod from either Thunderstone‘s official website or the app.

Lethal Company Boob Mod is a cool, funny mod where players get a big boob female company coworker. Moreover, players can install available Legal Company female mods from the Thunderstone website and turn the characters into Females.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Boob mod in Lethal Company.

Introduction To Boob Mod In Lethal Company

Lethal Company adds many cool, funny, and scary features and mods to enhance your gaming experience.

One such mod of the lethal company is the Boob mod where players get the big boob characters, female mod.

However, these female mods were introduced in versions 1.1.0 and 2.2.0 of Lethal Company.

The gameplay of Boob mod in Lethal Company.
The gameplay of Boob mod in Lethal Company.

Boob mod has become very popular amongst V-tubers who want to customize their avatars with female company workers.

This addition indicates the game’s commitment to diversity and allows players to have a broader range of options for character customization.

Subsequently, here are all the features of the Boob mod in Lethal Company:

  • Turns the character into a Female.
  • Glows in the dark area.
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Female Mods In Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, female mods allow players to replace their default suits or customize their avatars with new suits.

Moreover, with these mods in Lethal Company, players have various options to personalize their experience.

Hence, two popular Lethal company female mods are Thicc Intern and Lethal Ladies Modpack.

1. Thicc Intern

FoxGod’s new mod, “Thicc Intern,” is part of the Thicc Company Model Replacement.

This mod replaces default suits in the configuration with a Female Company Worker.

FoxGod’s female mod in Lethal Company.

However, this mod is introduced to enhance diversity and offer players greater freedom in shaping their in-game characters.

2. Lethal Ladies

Lethal Company, another female mod with more than 800 downloads, is Lethal Ladies.

However, Lethal Ladies Modpack for Lethal Company is curated by GriffTheSheep. 

How To Get Female Mod In Lethal Company?

The Lethal Company “female” mod is one of the most downloaded mods of Lethal Company.

However, players must follow these steps to access the Female mod in Lethal Company.

  1. Players must visit the Thunderstone official website and search for the specific female mod.
  2. Search for ThiccCompanyModelReplacement if you want a Thicc Intern, or if you need Lethal Ladies, search Lethal Ladies mod.
  3.  Install versions 1.1.0 and 2.2.0 of the mod by FoxGod and Lethalladies to get the latest Female mod.
  4. Moreover, the player must install the ModelReplacementAPI mod to use the female mod from BunyaPineTree.
  5. Moreover, players must extract the mod main game folder.
  6. Launch the Female mod from the Mods screen on the Menu.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company has come up with different female mods which are released in versions 2.2.0 and 1.1.0.

Players must install the ModelReplacementAPI mod to simplify model replacement along with the specific female mod.

Hence, the Lethal Ladies Mod pack offers multiple enjoyable female mods for players.

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