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Survive Titan Death In Lethal Company

The Titan death rate in Lethal Company is higher than in any other moons.

Furthermore, the area is one of the hardest to explore due to its aggressive inhabitants.

The Titan death rate in Lethal Company is one of the highest in the game. Furthermore, the moon is known for its aggressive inhabitants, from various entities to even the vegetation in the area. Thus, to survive in such an area, players must be cautious and sometimes ignore the moon at all costs.
This article discusses the Titan and how to survive it in Lethal Company.

What Is The Titan In Lethal Company?

Titan is one of the moons that players can explore in Lethal Company.

The difficulty level for the Titan is complex; thus, players entering the area must be mindful of the entities in the area.

Furthermore, Titan also hosts a variety of hostile entities that will pounce at the players when they come into their vicinity.

The moon also features a frozen and flat landscape; thus, the path is relatively easy to travel.

However, the area contains a wide array of hostile fauna. This means players must be wary of even the plants on the moon.

Thus, the players must explore the area, wary of everything resembling a plant or any entity.  

titan fauna causes death lethal company
The Titan fauna can take down the players.

Furthermore, according to lore, Titan was previously used for mining various resources.

This can also be why the entire moon is relatively barren and flat.

Additonally, there are multiple other moons in Lethal Company; however, they are not as hard as “Titan.”

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How To Survive Titan Death In  Lethal Company?

Titan is one of the moons where players will experience an eclipse frequently.

Eclipses will trigger the spawn of all outside entities into the moon.

This means that while hostile entities are on the moon, more entities will spawn that can instantly kill the players.

Thus, we strongly discourage players from entering “Titan” when an eclipse is about to occur on the moon.

Furthermore, since eclipse can spawn outside entities, players cannot prepare as needed because it is like gacha on which entity spawns.

Titan death due to entity lethal company
Entities are far more aggressive in Titan.

Players also claim that the entities that spawn during eclipse in Titan are aggressive and will hunt the players down.

Thus, if players are not careful, the death rate in Titan will increase significantly.

But, if the players pay attention to the Weather and other moon aspects, their survivable rate increases significantly.

Players can choose not to enter the moon altogether to simply not go through the hassle of surviving against the entities in Titan.

The Bottom Line

The moons are a great way to explore the world of Lethal Company.

Furthermore, in the case of Titan, the area is one of the most complex areas for the players to explore.

However, players can survive on the moon by checking the weather conditions and the entities in the area.

Hopefully, this article can guide you about the Titan Death In Lethal Company.

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