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Shower In Lethal Company: Rinse And Recharge

A shower is a mundane yet humorous addition to the Lethal Company.

Unlike other items, it is not associated with dangerous aspects or seasonal limitations.

The Shower is a cosmetic and functional item that adds to the immersion and realism of the Lethal Company. Moreover, it costs 180 credits you can earn by scavenging or selling loot.

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Shower In Lethal Company

The Shower is simple but essential for maintaining your hygiene and well-being.

It has no special effects or abilities beyond its primary function of cleaning the player.

It is a permanent addition to your ship; you cannot sell or remove it once installed.

However, if needed, you can move it to a different location on your ship.

The Shower is a standard shower stall with a metal frame, white curtains, and a showerhead.

It is designed to provide a quick clean-up, washing away the dust and grime from scavenging missions.

Moreover, it also allows players to interact with the shower stall, initiating a cleaning animation.

enjoying the shower
Players enjoying the Shower in Lethal Company.
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How To Get Shower In Lethal Company?

Firstly, you must progress through the game until you reach the point where you can purchase ship upgrades.

This usually happens after you complete the first few missions.

The Shower is available in the terminal’s menu after you purchase ship upgrades.

The terminal is a device that is conveniently located.

This handy hub allows you to manage your inventory, buy new items, and sell unwanted loot.

The Shower costs 180 credits, the in-game currency.

You can earn credits by completing missions, scavenging for scrap, and selling loot.

Likewise, the Shower will be promptly delivered to your ship after you purchase it.

Interact with it and choose to place it in the desired location to install it.

The bathroom area is also a good choice, but you can position it anywhere on your ship.

Once installed, the Shower becomes a permanent fixture ready to wash away the grime.

When you interact with it to use it, the showerhead delivers a refreshing stream of water.

Along with it, it also triggers a cleaning animation.

Therefore, after a long day of scavenging, you can take a moment to unwind under the refreshing spray of the shower.

press E button to switch water
You can press the E button to switch the water in the Shower.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Shower is a simple yet valuable and enjoyable addition to your ship in Lethal Company.

However, it is also called humor, telling to add a playful twist to the everyday showering routine.

Hence, in a world filled with alien creatures, the Shower is a reminder that there are still familiar things to hold onto, even amid chaos.

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