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Lies Of P: Best Build For Dex Class

Many players are curious to know the best Dex class build in lies of p.

The Dex is one of the multiple options to start building characters.

The Dex is one of the three combat styles players can select in the early game. If players start with the Dexterity class, the best build should be using the Electric coil stick head, Puppet string and Extreme modification Amulet.

Continue reading to discover the best build for the Dex class character in Lies of P.

Class In Lies Of P

Dexterity, or simply Dex, is one of the paths players can choose in Lies of P.

The Dex is generally referred to as the Path of the Bastard.

Moreover, Dexterity is the class of character that players can select in the early game after taking control of Pinocchio.

Players can also use other classes, including Path of the Cricket: Balance and Path of the Sweeper: Strength.

Dexterity class
Three combat styles in Lies of P.

All the classes have unique weapons and abilities when battling in the field.

Whichever combat style players select, this will immensely impact the game’s early stages.

Dex In Lies of P

Dexterity is a perfect class for players looking for fun and challenging gameplay.

This combat style is attack and speed-oriented but lacks the punch to carry heavy weapons.

Players who play with light and cunning weapons with great speed can easily beat enemies in the early stage.

However, its defensive approach is limited, so players must know the attack pattern when fighting against stronger enemies.

Knowing the enemy’s weak spots will also provide a significant advantage, thanks to the class’ higher technique.

Nonetheless, the overall stats for Dexteritriy in the early stages are superior to other classes.

stats of all class in lies of p
Dexterity class stats compared to Balanced and Strength Class.

Moreover, players can dodge enemies with lightning speed in the Dex class.

Best Dex Build In Lies Of P

If Players want to follow the Path of the Bastard: Dexterity and know its best build, follow the procedure;

1. Weapon

The Electric coil stick head is one of the advanced weapons players can obtain in the early game.

The weapon deploys lethal damage, has a medium weight and offers smooth movements.

Players can get the weapon from the Wandering merchant in the house of Elysion Boulevard

lies of p dex build
Buying an Electric coil stick head weapon from the merchant of Elysion Boulevard.

Thanks to its shock damage, players can beat the puppets with ease.

The weapon works best with the Rapier handle for additional damage.

2. Legion Arm

Another essential part of the build for the Dex combat style is Fulminis.

lies of p dex build
Unlock Fulminis legion arm for stagger damage.

Moreover, the Fulminis has the highest stagger damage and offers immense electric damage.

The charge period of the legion arm is quite quick and combines well with motivity and advanced skills.

Moreover, players have another option for the legion arm, the Puppet string.

This legion arm scales with the technique and uses the weapon for deploying hits on the enemies.

3. Amulets

Most of the amulets in the Lies of P may disappoint many players due to their low performance.

Players can obtain two amulets from the boss fight in the early games and search for other precious Amulets progressing through.

The Extreme Modification Amulet is the best Amulet that combines well with the Dex class.

This Amulet increases the weapons attack with respect to the total Fable slots and can be obtained from the second boss.

The Triumvirate Amulet is another good choice that increases the Legion arm scaling by one.

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The Bottom Line

The Dex class solely focuses on the offensive ability and is very reliable with techniques and speed.

So, to get the best build players can select mid-weight items that deploy high damages when combined with the Amulets and Arms.

Electric coil stick head, Puppet string and the Triumvirate Amulet are viable options for a great build.

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