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How To Access Trinity Room In Lies Of P?

Trinity room in Lies of P is an area players can access after obtaining a key. 

Players can obtain the key after solving a riddle. Furthermore, players must explore every area to find the trinity room in Lies of P. 

Trinity rooms contain various rewards for the players in Lies of P. However, players must find the trinity keys to access the rooms. But, the acquisition of the keys is rather easy. 

This article discusses Trinity Room and Trinity Key in Lies of P. 

What Is The Trinity Room In Lies Of P? 

The Trinity room is one of the areas that players can access after completing certain riddles. 

Furthermore, each contains a different riddle. However, before entering a room, players must obtain the trinity key. 

The trinity key is tied to a riddle. Thus, the connection between the room and the key is through a riddle. 

In Lies of P, currently, there are a total of five trinity keys that players can obtain. 

Furthermore, one of the keys is obtainable only after the players collect all other keys. 

We will talk about each trinity key and their locations below. 

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Location For Each Trinity Key In Lies Of P

Before accessing the Trinity room, players must obtain the Trinity key. 

Here is a list of locations of each trinity key in Lies of P;

1. Krat City Hall Courtyard

The first trinity key is in the Krat city hall courtyard. After entering the factory district, head straight to a bridge where numerous puppets throw bombs. 

Pick up the phone, and on the other side is Arlecchino. The answer to his riddle is “Human.”

2. Malum District

The second trinity key is obtainable in the Malum District. Head to the stargazer near the flooded plaza. 

Moreover, the area contains enemies throwing decay bombs at you from rooftops. 

From here, just past the exit of the area, there will be a dry room where a zombie will ambush you.

 Lastly, you will find the ringing floor on the second floor of the same building. The answer to the riddle is “Candle.”

The third key is obtainable from the grand exhibition gallery. Here, you must unlock a bridge shortcut. 

Here, you will find a ringing phone, answer the phone, and the answer to the riddle is “Egg.”

However, the riddle does not end here; you must complete the second part of this riddle. 

The second part of the riddle is to take the key from the hands of a “Cold Woman.” 

Further, head to the room containing the replicas of Veginini’s Tram cars. Here, you will find two statues. 

Move one of the statues to face the other, and you obtain the key. 

4. Krat Central Station Street

You will find a ringing phone after you walk through an archway from the stargazer. The answer is “Ergo.”

Furthermore, after you find all the Trinity keys and open all the Trinity rooms, you can obtain the Trinity key of the chosen one

Location Of Each Trinity Room In Lies Of P

After finding the keys, you can enter the Trinity Rooms in Lies Of P.

Furthermore, players do not need to access every room chronologically. 

Here is a list of all locations of Trinity Rooms in Lies of P;

1. Workshop Union Culvert

The first trinity room is in the Vegnini Works complex.

From the stargazer, head to the area where the Black Cat and the Red Fox are. 

From there on, head straight to a split with the big red pipe. On your right, you will find the Trinity Room. 

first trinity room
Trinity room in Workshop Union Culvert.

2. St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

The second Trinity room is in the St. Frangelico Cathedral library.

After you reach the library, head to the room where you must cross past the rotation gears. 

Then, enter the alley where the electric ball hazard rolls down the alley. Here, you will find the second Trinity room. 

second trinity room lies of p
 Trinity room in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

3. Estella Opera House Stage

The third Trinity room is in the Estella Opera House. 

Before entering the boss arena, you will find a room with a large hole connected by a narrow beam. 

Then, drop down the hole, and you will find the Trinity room door in the space below. 

third trinity room lies of p
Trinity room in Estella Opera House Stage.

4. Krat Central Station

The fourth Trinity room is in the Krat Central Station.

After you reach the station through the stargazer, head down the stairs on your left. Here, you will find the door to the Trinity room.

fourth trinity room lies of p
Trinity room in Krat Central Station.

5. Arche Abbey Outer Wall

The last Trinity room is at the bottom of a tall atrium. 

Wooden beams crisscross the door. Here, you use the final key to access the room.

the last room
Trinity room in Arche Abbey Outer Wall.

Three Create One Lies Of P

Three creates one may refer to the triangular pattern found in the Trinity room.

Players who have the Trinity key can access the Trinity room.

Moreover, players can unlock the rewards using the same key for three doors.

The key can be used for Workshop Union Culvert, St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and Estella Opera House.

Rewards From Each Trinity Room 

After accessing each Trinity room, players can get various rewards from the rooms. 

Furthermore, some rooms give very similar rewards. 

Here is a list of all rewards and their corresponding Trinity room in lies of p;

  • Workshop Union Culvert: Blueblood’s Tailcoat Costume and a piece of Quartz.
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Library: Black Cat amulet and the Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Attire. 
  • Estella Opera House Stage: Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter and a piece of Quartz. 
  • Krat Central Station: Workshop Master’s Workwear costume and the Carrier’s Amulet +1. 
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall: A piece of Quartz.

As you can see, each room contains a specific reward for players to obtain.

Furthermore, certain rooms contain similar rewards; however, each room is worth completing in Lies Of P. 

The Bottom Line

The Trinity Room in Lies of P is a great incentive for players to interact with the world of Lies of P. 

Furthermore, it also makes players explore every area of a location, which can increase the play hours of the players. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding each trinity room in Lies of P. 

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