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Lies Of P: Perform The Ergo Glitch In Easy Steps

There is a method to reset the area over and over again to obtain the Ergo glitch in Lies of P.

Furthermore, this method is only applicable for early zones since, later on, it is better to defeat bosses than simple mobs. 

In Lies Of P, Ergo plays a vital role in progression. This currency can purchase various items and even level up the character. Thus, players are trying to find a glitch to obtain an infinite amount of Ergo. Sadly, there is no such glitch in the game. 

Continue reading to learn about Ergo and the Ergo glitch in Lies Of P.

What Is Ergo In Lies Of P?

Ergo is a form of currency that players can obtain in Lies Of P.

Additionally, Ergo acts as a method of leveling your character up.

Thus, it is both a currency and a form of experience point.

Players can obtain Ergo by defeating the regular enemies and elite enemies. 

However, the best or highest amount of Ergo obtainable is from boss monsters.

Furthermore, each Ergo from a boss monster can yield up to 10,000 Ergo, depending on the boss monster.

Furthermore, later bosses can drop even higher Ergo as per speculation.

Players will lose their Ergo if they die against enemies.

However, if they defeat the same enemy, they can get the Ergo back.

Thus, the importance of Ergo is relatively high for the players of Lies Of P.

Continue reading to explore reaching the max level and weight threshold in Lies Of P.

What Is The Ergo Glitch In Lies Of P? 

Currently, players speculate there is an Ergo glitch in Lies Of P. However, no glitch has come up in Lies Of P. 

There is a constant way to obtain the Ergo to level up their character. 

Furthermore, the method is only applicable when you are at an early level.

However, later on, this method does not yield the same value as you would want to. 

Thus, players can use this method to obtain a substantial amount of Ergo to level up and purchase various items from one of the NPCs. 

However, if you obtain items unique to bosses, save them because you can exchange them for boss-type weapons from one of the NPCs. 

How To Perform The Ergo Glitch In Lies Of P? 

As we mentioned before, it is not a glitch.

However, there is a method for you to obtain a good amount of Ergo.

Here is a list of steps to perform the Ergo method:

  1. First, you must go to one of the starting areas. You can choose either Moonlight Town, Workshop Union Culvert or Krat City Hall.
  2. Then, you must defeat every enemy within the area.
  3. Then, go to the Stargazer and choose the teleport to another Stargazer to get back to the same area.
perform glitch through teleporter lies of p
Teleport back to the area to reset the area in Lies of P
  1. This method will reset the entire area.
  2. Then, defeat every enemy to get the Ergo.

You can rinse and repeat this method until you are content with your amount of Ergo.

Furthermore, we advise you not to overdo this method since you may end up trivializing the game.

Alternatively, as we mentioned earlier, this strategy is more effective initially.

Later, it results in a preferable way to defeat the boss and obtain the maximum amount of Ergo possible.

The Bottom Line

The current iteration or version of Lies Of P contains no glitches.

However, there are bound to be some in later iterations or updates. 

Furthermore, players are also trying various methods to earn Ergos faster.

Thus, the method of easily resetting the area to obtain more Ergos is surfacing. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in resetting the area to earn more Ergos in Lies of P.

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