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Lies Of P: Reach The Max Level

The max level in Lies of P is unknown. However, from a few mods that can cheat their way to the max level, the game seems to stop at level 600

But that is still up for debate since there has been no official information about the maximum level. 

In Lies of P, players can level up using the Ergos they obtain by defeating enemies in the game’s world. Furthermore, each ergo has a different value. Moreover, the highest value comes from the boss monsters in Lies of P.

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What Is The Max Level In Lies Of P? 

The exact max level in Lies of P is unknown.

However, the modding community has already developed a mod that propels the character to the maximum level in the game. 

According to the mod, a player’s maximum level in Lies of P is level 600.

After reaching the max level, every stat point can have a max point of 100

However, as we mentioned before, this is through a mod, and the actual max level in Lies of P is still up for debate. 

Furthermore, due to certain confusion in the game’s demo version, players claimed that the max level is around 40-50

However, this seems to be a false alarm since the limitation to the levels in the demo was from the developers. 

Now, since the game is already available to all the players, we will soon know the maximum level players can reach. 

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How To Reach Max Level In Lies Of P? 

Reaching the maximum level in Lies of P is rather simple.

All you need to do is collect a good amount of Ergo

You can earn a good amount of Ergo by defeating monsters in the world of Lies of P.

Furthermore, players can also find Ergo crystals lying around the world.

However, the best method to obtain Ergo is to defeat enemies.

Players can earn the highest amount of Ergo from the game’s bosses. 

Thus, players may want to tackle some easy-to-defeat bosses at the beginning of the game to level up a bit faster. 

Furthermore, players will lose all the Ergo they have after dying.

However, they can obtain the Ergo back if they kill the enemy that defeated them. 

But, if the player dies before retrieving the Ergo they lost, they will lose a significant chunk of the Ergo.

This can set the players back in levels even more. 

Thus, it is better to use your Ergo after obtaining it immediately rather than saving it up to boost your stats and level up in a single go. 

However, since players can use the Ergo to purchase items, they may want to save it.

Thus, if you are saving up the Ergo to obtain an expensive item, make sure to play safe. 

max level stat lies of p
Max-level stats of the character in Lies of P through a mod.

Type Of Ergo In Lies Of P

Players can find various types of Ergo in Lies of P.

Furthermore, each Ergo type provides a different Ergo value to the players. 

Here is a list of every Ergo and their values in Lies of P: 

  • Dim Ergo Shard: 100 Ergo
  • Pure Ergo Shard: 300 Ergo
  • Glowing Ergo Shard: 500 Ergo 
  • Glittering Ergo Shard: 700 Ergo

The aforementioned Ergos are obtainable in the world from normal to elite monsters.

However, boss monsters drop a different form of Ergo. 

They drop the Ergo crystal; these Ergo crystals can contain 5,000-10,000 Ergos.

However, this value may change since we still do not know about the values of the end bosses of the game. 

Thus, the best way to obtain Ergos is from bosses since they yield the highest amount of Ergos. 

The Bottom Line

The best way to find out the exact max level in Lies of P is to wait for an official confirmation from the game developers.

Alternatively, you can play the game yourself and see how far you can go.

Until then, any information about the max level is speculative and may not be true.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the max level in Lies of P.

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