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Why Should Players Farm Thermite In Lies Of P?

Lies of P is a thrilling soulslike game inspired by the story of Pinocchio.

One of the items that can help you survive and progress in this game is Thermite.

It is an explosive throwable that deals fire damage to enemies and can also be used to destroy certain obstacles in the environment.

In Lies of P, Thermite helps you overcome some of the most difficult challenges and discover some of the most rewarding secrets in the game. To farm Thermite, you must find the Stargazer and follow the steps.

This guide will show you why farming Thermite in Lies of P is necessary and how to farm more of it.

What Is Thermite in Lies Of P?

Thermite is an item in Lies of P; players can use it as a weapon or a tool.

It is an explosive throwable that deals fire damage and is very effective against enemies that are weak to fire.

Players can find Thermite in various locations throughout the game.

The locations may be the train station’s bathroom, the second-floor luggage room, and the mini-boss arena at Krat Central Station and Plaza.

Moreover, you can craft Thermite using Star Fragments and Gunpowder, which can be obtained from enemies or chests.

Contrarily, Thermite is a valuable item in your inventory, especially if you are facing a formidable opponent vulnerable to fire.

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How To Farm Thermite In Lies Of P?

Farming Thermite in Lies of P is essential for several reasons. 

Therefore, you can follow the steps below to farm Thermite:

1. Find The First Stargazer

Players should find the first Stargazer, they’ll find it at Moonlight Town.

However, a Stargazer is a sizeable telescope-like device that can be activated by inserting a Star Fragment.

2. Use The Stargazer

Once you find the Stargazer, use it to summon a horde of enemies.

Enemies may include the Starved, the Cursed, and the Fallen.

If you kill them, these enemies will drop Star Fragments and Gunpowder.

Further, players need these materials to craft Thermite.

Use Stargazer to summon a horde of enemies.

3. Craft Thermite

Further, move forward to craft Thermite using Star Fragments and Gunpowder at any workbench or campfire.

However, You will need one Star Fragment and one Gunpowder for each Thermite.

4. Repeat The Process

Finally, repeat the process until you have enough Thermite for your needs.

Further, you can use the Star Fragments to upgrade your weapons and armor at the Blacksmith.

Lies of p thermite farm
Obtain your Thermite.

Importance Of Farming The Thermite

Players can use Thermite to destroy certain obstacles or open secret paths in the game world.

Therefore, the importance of farming Thermite is:

1. To Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Andreus is a challenging boss; players can encounter him in the Lorenzini Arcade area.

It is a powerful enemy with a lot of health and can deal devastating attacks with its sword and magic.

Additionally, he is resistant to physical damage and can heal himself periodically.

Contrarily, Thermite is very effective against Andreus because it deals fire damage.

Fortunately, he is weak, too, allowing the player to attack him from a distance, avoiding his melee range.

Therefore, using Thermite can make this boss fight much easier and faster.

2. To Access Hidden Areas And Secrets

Hidden areas and secrets contain valuable items or lore.

You can destroy walls or doors in the game with Thermite.

Further, it reveals new paths or rooms that may otherwise be inaccessible.

For example, in the Venigni building, you can open a locked door with Thermite.

It leads to a secret room containing a Fable Catalyst, a rare item that can enhance the player’s abilities.

However, finding and exploring these hidden areas can enrich the player’s experience and reward them with valuable resources.

The Bottom Line

Thermite is a rare and powerful item that can help defeat challenging enemies and discover hidden secrets in Lies of P.

Don’t miss out on the explosive benefits of Thermite, the ultimate weapon and tool in Lies of P.

Whether you want to blast your way through bosses or break into secret areas, Thermite is the item you need in Lies of P.

Thermite is more than just a throwable; it’s a game-changer in Lies of P. Find out how to use it effectively and where to get more.

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