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Is There Level Cap In Lies Of P?

Lies of P is the latest action role-playing game developed and published by Neowiz Games.

Players can advance to higher levels in the Lies of P, eventually reaching the maximum level in the game.

There is no fixed news about the maximum level cap in Lies of Pie. Players must keep leveling up until the game developers determine the level cap. 

This article discusses the level cap in Lies of P, including how to level up in Lies of P.

The Meaning Of Level Cap In Lies Of P

The level cap in Lies of P is the maximum level you can reach in the game.

It depends on how far you get in the game and the stats you choose to level up.

There is a hard cap of 10 level-ups before you beat the first boss.

However, after that, you can level up any stat to 100.

Nevertheless, some statistics might become less valuable as they rise in value.

For instance, although Vigor increases stamina by 2 points every level, Vitality only increases health by 10 points per level.

Additionally, some stats may hurt your weight or speed, which could sometimes be problematic.

Therefore, you should be able to balance your stats and choose the ones that suit your playstyle and preferences.

Some of the main stats in Lies of P are:

  • Technique: Governs the frequency and magnitude of your critical hits.
  • Capacity: Regulates your carrying capacity and legion arm damage.
  • Vigor: Governs your stamina and stamina restoration.
  • Vitality: Controls your health and guards regain.
  • Advance: Regulates your ergo gain and ergo recuperation.
  • Motivity: Controls your movement speed and dodge distance.
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What Is The Maximum Level Cap For Players In Lies Of P?

Currently, there is no fixed level cap in Lies of P.

The demo had a level cap of 20, but this is likely just a placeholder for the entire game.

The level cap may be higher or even removed in the final release.

However, the level has some limitations depending on the game’s progress and the stats.

Based on the game’s stat soft caps, some players have hypothesized that the level cap would be over 500.

However, the developers have not endorsed this.

Some possible significance of the level cap in Lies of P are as follows:

  • If the level cap is too low, it might restrict how far players can advance and make the game easier for seasoned players.
  • After finishing the main tale, players can still advance and grow more robust if the level cap is high.
  • Players could advance and level up indefinitely if the level cap were eliminated.

Levelling Up In Lies Of P

Ergo, the game’s primary money and experience point system is crucial to level up in Lies of P.

Ergo is an item that you can use to perform quests, battle opponents, or gather goods.

lies of p levelling up
You can earn Ergo by defeating bosses.

After that, you can employ Ergo to boost your numbers by talking to Sophia at the Hotel Krat or, in select game areas, by using a Stargazer.

Health, stamina, speed, damage, and other stats affect your character and gameplay.

You can decide which Stats To Level Up depending on your play style and preferences.

However, you should be conscious of the restrictions and expenses of leveling up.

Moreover, you can use a Memory Reset item to purchase or discover in the game to redistribute your Ergo and reset your stats.

The Bottom Line

The level cap in Lies of P is a mystery, but it will surely be a discussion topic among fans.

The demo hinted at a quite low-level cap, but the whole game may reveal a higher number or even remove the cap entirely.

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