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LoL Patch Notes 14.4 Release Date: New Skins And Champions

The leaks for the upcoming patch 14.3 of LoL just got released but fans are already excited about the 14.4.

So they are trying their best to find out about all the upcoming skins and events on the update 14.4.

To their surprise, some leaked information is available about the update as it has surfaced on the internet.

Continue reading this article to learn about patch 14.4 of League of Legends(LoL).

League OF Legends(LOL) Patch Update 14.4

League of Legends is a popular MOBA game that constantly changes the game environment after a new patch release.

Similarly, they have hinted at patch 14.4 of the game to introduce new events, skins, and quests.

Also, fans of the game have discovered that this patch will release on February 22 which is still some weeks away.

However, the official date of the release is unknown as LOL has not addressed anything regarding this topic.

But given the popularity of the game, some leakers have leaked the upcoming Lunar event and skins on X.

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Upcoming Skins For Champions In LOL Patch 14.3 And 14.4

The patch 14.4 of LOL will introduce more Champions for the two skin lines into the game. They are:

  • Heavenscale
  • Porcelain

In total, players can access up to 15 new skins for various characters in the game.

In fact, here are all the skins on the server after the update patch of 14.3 on these skylines:

Heavenscale SkinlinePorcelain Skinline
EzrealPrestige Kindred
Prestige EzrealGraves
Kai SaDarius
Master YiMiss Fortune
SmolderAurelion Sol
Lee Sin

Nevertheless, fans are demanding skins for other characters like Skarner, Alistar, and Braum.

Given the skin demands, their wish will probably come true as LOL on average releases 120-130 skins each year.

Current And Upcoming Quests After LOL Patch

In League of Legends, every champion has a lore that is mostly related to another champion in the game.

Hence, LOL utilizes these relations to introduce unique questlines for both parties to give different perspectives on the story.

Similarly, players can play four new questlines after the new patch 14.3 and above in the game. They are:

  • Golden Ratio
  • Fishing In The Lavender Sea
New quests after patch 14.4 in LOL
Players can play four new quests after patch 14.4 in LOL.
  • Bad Blood
  • Battle Of Spirit And Shadow

In the upcoming 14.4 patch and beyond, they will introduce questlines for more characters into the game.

Quest Conditions And Rewards For Each New Quest In LOL

Every quest in LOL has quest descriptions and conditions that help players understand the quest.

Therefore, after completing these quests, the champions will receive buffs or nerfs based on the results.

The table below displays all this information in an organized manner:

Quest NameQuest DescriptionQuest ConditionQuest Rewards
Golden RatioEither Jin or Hwei must kill the other one using their ULT.They must be on opposing team and level 12If Jin Wins: 4.444% lethality
If Hwei Wins: 3.33% magic penetration.
Fishing In The Lavender SeaJax and Bel'Veth compete over Baron NashorMust be on opposing teams and Rift Hearalt must have been taken prior to BaronIf JaxWins: 5 stacks of Bel'veth passive, 0.28-1% atk speed.
If Bel'Veth Wins: Jax drops Void Coral, extends empowered true form
Bad BloodNasus or Renekton must kill the other using ULTMust be on opposing team and level 11Winner becomes 10% larger, ult duration extended by 10%
Battle of Spirit and ShadowEither Shen or Zed must take down two of the opposing allies without being slain by the quest characterMust be on opposing team and level 11If Shen Wins: Shield from Ki barrier becomes 30% stronger.
If Zed Wins: Contempt for the weak deals 2% more topic to targets health.
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